Who owns the Dark Gold Reissue from 06?

  1. Besides the Jessica Alba pics floating around I would love too see some modeling pics.

    What are you laides wearing w/ yours?

    I own a bronze Isabella Fiore bag that I wear ALL the time b-cuz its sooo easy to match and goes w/ everything. the dark gold Chanel seems to be similar.

    PICS! FEEDBACK!! Anything:tup::wlae:
  2. Mine is in storage, I will try and get it out this weekend and take some modeling pics for you. I have the 227.

  3. In STORAGE??? Why? :sweatdrop: You don't carry her?

    I'd loce to see some pics!:tup:
  4. OMG, I wish I owned one ILB... :girlsigh:

    When I finally find one (keeping the faith still), I will take pics for you for sure!!!!!! LOL! ;)
  5. I moved so things are still in storage. I haven't carried her since last September... I am bad that way... I will post pictures!!
  6. I own this bag. I took it with me to Las Vegas at the end of June. It was the only bag I brought with me, so I wore it mostly with sundresses whilst shopping.:supacool:
  7. Here's my pic from the reference library:


  8. :drool::tup:
  9. wow, kinda loving this more than the dark silver hmm
  10. I used to own this too. And actually, you can wear it with practically anything. The color is soo cameleon and it looks good on anything. Hope that helps! :biggrin:

  11. Thanks. Thats what I thought. I wear my Isabella Fiore w/ EVERYTHING and its the same bronzey gold color.
  12. Found this pic in the reference section.

    I looooove this bag!!
  13. Oops here it is

  14. is that the dark gold from 06? for some reason it looks shinier than the dark gold i had.
  15. That is SUCH a beautiful bag, sigh I want one too..