Who owns Siwy Jeans?? Come in here please!

  1. Im thinking of buying a pair of Siwy jeans very soon, and I just wanted to make sure I will be buying the correct size. Do they run pretty true to size or what? Im a size 26 in J brand but it is a teeny bit loose for me, so I'm not sure if I shld go for 25 in Siwy or stick to 26. Advice anyone?
  2. imo, the skinnies run a tad small.

    i got a size 25 (i'm normally a small 24) and i still had some trouble getting them past my thighs!

    they're sexy though.
  3. I ordered two pairs from Revolve this morning in my normal (27) size. Now I'm nervous they might be too small.
  4. I was just wondering on the fit of these this morning, lol! Thanks for posting, this is helpful!
  5. thanks for the feedback! but im hoping more people post on here!! :-P Help us! x
  6. I just got my Penny capris from Revolve a couple days ago (under $40 and i love them, yay!), and also have the Hannah crops, and I had to go with a 28 in both. I'm pretty much a straight 27 in every other brand (citizens, hudson,diesel), sometime 26 (j brand,serfontaine, lots of the darker tr washes).

    In my experience, the Siwy denim is really heavy and stiff - which is cool looking, but also unforgiving in fit. If it's skinnies, I'd recommend sizing up!
  7. I just bought a Siwy hannah crop from Shopbop.com, in Size 27, but I usually wear 26 in J Brand.

    I wonder if it will be okay since you went 2 sizes up for Siwy.
  8. I think you will be able to make them work, especially if you are hips/ thighs are on the slim side. I could get the 27s buttoned up, I just wasn't sure they would end up stretching enough that, when I saw them hanging in my closet, I wouldn't fear putting them on!
  9. well, my size 26 J Brand jeans gapes a lil at the back, and i get the feeling its 1/2 a size bigger than what i want, so hopefully the 27 siwy will fit me well!

    Anyway i will keep this thread updated once i recieve the jeans in a week! :smile:

    Meanwhile I hope more Siwy wearers give some kind of review or comment on their own Siwy jeans so that it will inform others before they buy their siwies!
  10. if u are on facebook, please search for this group "siwy denim wearers" and join! x
  11. they run small on the skinnies. I normally wear 24 & 25 is tight on me.. but the croth area is kind of falling down a bit.. it's not the most comfortable jeans... but they look great on
  12. Yay for this thread:tup:. I been planning to get a pair of Siwy jeans for a long time now from a US online site,just not sure how is the sizing like, the range of Siwy jeans available in Australia is pretty limited:sad:.
  13. i just got my hannah slim crops from Shopbop. i got em one size larger than my usual size as reccomended by some of you above, but they were too big for me. :sad: It looks like a straight-leg jean on me. I'll have to buy another pair next time since im too lazy to return and exchange it. too much hassle. :sad:
  14. So would you say is true to size???
    Thank you for your help:heart:.
  15. Just received my pair from Revolve yesterday. I couldn't get them past my thighs either. I know that if I ordered the next size up, they would gape at the back. The hip sizing is TTS, but they are designed for skinny,skinny, skiiny legs.