Who owns reissues in size 228?

  1. I love the large roomy size of the 228 reissue. I'm wondering if this size looks good in every color.

    Just curious which ones people have. I've seen the metallic black posted here and I own the original 2005 reissue in grey.........but what other colors do you gals own?
  2. Iluvbags I just love your grey one -I want that too!:nuts::heart::drool:
    I've got the black with G/H in the new 228 version.It's not that high as the old 228 and slightly shorter in length ( about 14" L X 8.4"H X 3.5"D)
    this makes it more rectangular in shape like a big e/w lol!
    I've also seen fellow Fers with the new 228 light silver
    Here's pics of mine -I love this bag! :love::yahoo:

  3. LOVE it!!!

    I would love to see the light silver in this size. Everyone who has a 228 please post here!
  4. I just came back to look at your 228 black w/ gold reissue and now I want one. I don't want my 227 anymore. LOL

    I wish I could trade all of my 227's for 228's:girlsigh:
  5. I have the 228 in black with gold HW. I should take pictures to compare it with the newer reissue that chanelspell posted.

    Let's do straight on shots and see the difference.

  6. great idea. I wanna see!
  7. ahh girls just popped in -having been ill with a terrible cold all day !:push:
    jayne that would be so fun!:idea: please do post pics of yours too!:yes:
    here's one more shot of mine hanging from its chain,without flash though:p![QUOTE[​IMG]][/quote]
  8. iluvbags thanks I love the same both 228s and 227s :nuts:!
    please post pics of your gorgeous grey anniversary, I'm already drooling at the thought of it lol !:drool::heart:
  9. [/quote]

    Wah!!:crybaby: Your pic didnt show up. Can you try again?
  10. don't get it !it comes up on both my and your post ,on my laptop screen,but it doesn't show on my pc lol:confused1:!had to use my pc cause it's stored there -I'm in bed with my laptop cause it's 2:50am here now lol!:jammin:- but let me go and try again from my pc !hope it shows now hehe!
  11. yeah:okay:I'm posting it from my pc/ now let me enlarge it
    I'm going to check if it shows up on the laptop screen now lol!:roflmfao:
  12. Oh major eye-candies here!:drool: How I wish that I can have one...:sweatdrop:
  13. thanks sweetie!:heart:
  14. OMG!! I'm drooling really. I want this bag. My black 227 cannot hold a candle to it.

    Lucky lucky you. I LOVE the 228!!