Who Owns My Grail Color???????

  1. I have been periodically voicing my never ending desire for the elusive vert BRonze, which I am told is no longer being produced. :crybaby:WHAT do I have to do get my hands on some?????? :graucho:Does H ever take color requests from mere mortals? eBay has been of no help, and I am going INSANE!!!!:cursing: I keep buying other H bags to try to alleviate my vert bronze longing, but it doesn't go away!!!! :hysteric:ANyone else have a similar hole in their heart and/or collection????:shrugs:
  2. I own your grail color, but not in your grail bag.
  3. luvs2shop, I've never seen vert bronze, but it sounds
    like a beautiful shade. Good luck, I hope you score
    something in this color. :smile:
  4. I am intrigued...is this metallic?
  5. Yes! I want something Vert Foncé so badly! Preferably an HAC or 40 Kelly w/GHW but for now, a wallet, agenda, coin pouch, ... even a key ring tab etc. would do!:girlsigh:

    I'd really love to see anyone's VF pieces!! Please post photos?!
  6. luv2shop I feel your pain, I hope you find your Vert Bronze,which particular bag or accessory are you looking for, now that you let the word out we'll be looking out for you too!
    Mine would be that black box birkin in gh gently used, with my initial for the year & glowing with age......:love: If I could less picky about the initial thing, I think it would be so much easier.......
  7. What does vert fonce look like? similar to toundra?
  8. now i'm curious too. does anyone have a pic they could share?
  9. i have seen vert bronze in those japanese super catalogues - i am almost sure you will be able to hunt one down in japan...

    maybe whitebirkin can help since she has hunt the elusive metallic silver recently?
  10. Jenznjewels has a vert fonce Togo 35 Birkin with GHW on her website