Who Owns it - Sarah Michelle Gellar or Lauren Conrad?


Sarah Michelle Gellar or Lauren Conrad?

  1. Sarah Michelle Gellar

  2. Lauren Conrad

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  1. What do you think?


    my vote goes to SMG.
  2. i think sarah michelle looks fab!
  3. Agreed, i think it suits Geller better.
  4. they both look fab, but i think LC looks better!
  5. That's a tough one. I like them both, but probably Sarah Michelle :tup:
  6. SMG looks more polished, she's better accessorized.
  7. La Gellar of course...
  8. That dress seems to suit all body types, though! Just necessary to have legs...
  9. Like the dress on SMG better, but I think she misses with the shoes and bag.
  10. I think Lauren. I like the black shoes with it. Keeping it simple.
  11. I prefer LC's black shoes with the dress, but I think Sarah Michelle Gellar looks better overall
  12. I prefer Lauren!
    Nice dress, btw!
  13. I think Lauren looks better- she accessorized better. I don't think SMG's shoes or accessories go that well, but the dress looks cute on her.
  14. Smg
  15. I think SMG looks better overall - however I don't like her shoes with the dress and prefer LC's black shoes.