Who owns empreinte in Ombre?

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  1. Hi, there! I would love to hear feedback on the ombre color for the empreinte line. Have you found the color to match easily with everything or are there colors that don't look good with it? Would you say it's a year-round color or mainly for the fall/winter season? Any regrets on getting the ombre instead of infini (I'm trying to decide between these two colors)? When I look at infini color, i see black unless I am in bright light and then I see the blue. For the ombre color, do you see only brown unless you are in bright light and it's only then that you will see the grey? Thanks!!!
  2. I have the empriente artsy in ombre.. I had it in the infini and sold it to buy the ombre. Love the color.. I don't find it to look grey at all. I love the tanish taupe color and find it goes with everything. Love, love love it.
  3. The only color I don't like with ombré is grey but I thought they discontinued the color.
  4. I have the audiciuece mm in ombré and I find that because the suede is more of a brown tone than the leather ( which still looks predominately brown to me but with a grey-ish / taupe-ish undertone ) the bag always looks brown.
    The all - leather bags such as lumineuse and artsy take on the different tone in varying lights much more noticeably.
    Not sure which specific bag you are considering?
  5. Can I ask why your went with ombre over infini?

    it's the all leather citadine. do the all leather ones in ombre look medium brown or dark brown to you?

  6. I have the ombré in artsy and the color is super easy to carry. It adds some color to a boring outfit and at the same time tones down a bright outfit.
  7. I agree with CB. Ombre is easy to carry.