Who owns Chloe and Balenciaga??

  1. So I guess I'm a little behind but I just bought my first Chloe Paddington earlier this week.

    I LOVE the look and feel of the bag but I find the quality is SO MUCH POORER than Balenciaga. I got metallic anthracite, colour overall is gorgeous but on closer inspection the finish is sloppy in areas. Also the handles feel cheap and the zippers keep coming undone!

    I have NO issues with my Balenciagas and for $2K (canadian of course) I would have expected perfection from my chloe.
  2. Where did you buy it? Can you return it?
  3. I have both! 3 bbags and a blanc paddy. Maybe I just got lucky, but i love my paddy to death too!
  4. I can return it. Got it from Holt Renfrew. I'm just struggling because I looooove the look, but am worried about how it will hold up with wear and tear. Maybe its just the metallic but I have read a number of complaints about chloe.

    its not as heavy as everyone says it is though. pretty light imo
  5. I have both. My Chloe collection is steadily outpacing my Balenciaga collection though. There's definitely more variety to Chloe, bu their quality control needs work. I wish there were other styles by Balenciaga that I absolutely loved.... maybe someday...
  6. I do have both and I think that the leather on the paddy is much nicer than on the B-bags but than I don't have a metallic. I love my paddy to death and prefer her over my Balenciagas and even after a couple of months she still have the rich leather smell. But with the problems you have I would return her as what I heard the metallics do tend to have discolouration problems.
  7. knock on wood, but I haven't had any issues with my paddy. the lock is chipping, which I already knew would happen with the paddy. you should return it and get another one. It just might be a defect. good luck.
  8. I guess Metallic Anthracite was not a good choice for my first Chloe, because the quality of the leather is lousy compared to my b-bags. Gave me a bad first impression of the quality, even though I do love the colour
  9. I have a paddy but I must admit.. it does hurt my shoulders. I mostly use my Balenciaga because it's very light and I love the straps.
  10. I had been considering a chloe but was afraid to purchase because of the heaviness complaint. I am 5'4". The B bags are starting to pick-up a momentum with me but if you had to chose which one and why. What do you think the hype is with the B bags? I do not know enough about either to make a deicison. Are your things easy to access in the chloe?
  11. i dont own a chloe - yet... but the whiskey paddington is still on my want list... i think its still a great bag!
  12. I have purchased 3 Balenciagas in the past month! :shocked: I was not a fan before, and even when I opened the first box for the first time. But, let me say, that it is the lightest, most stylish bag I own. (I am speaking about my ink city, btw) I have gotten umpteen compliments and people stop me to ask about it. You can carry the bag and practically not realize it, because of the comfort. I love them.

    I am looking at the Edith because of the colors available, and the fact it is lighter than a Paddy.
  13. funny, i had two chloes. well i sold one of them. the grenat was from fall 2005 and the leather was buttery soft, to die for. well it is off to another purse members hands. the one i did keep is my anthracite paddy, which i bought in december from NAP. the quality on this leather is a little more crinkly, not buttery soft but that is because of the metallic finish. but other than that, i have no complains about the anthracite. the quality finish is perfect. however, i did go to Barneys today to check out bags, and the newer spring chloe bags are not up to par. quality is not great, the leather is not buttery soft and these are for regular colors like whiskey, mousse and chocolate.

    i do not think i will buy another chloe bag, but my balenciaga collection will definitely grow! the leather is super soft and the quality is much better IMO than chloe.
  14. Fayden, how long have you had your anthracite for? I thought I had a big scratch on mine, but its actually just blotchy metallic "paint". Theres also one on ebay right now, I've been emailing the seller back and forth, shes had it for 5 months and would consider it a 5 out of 10 because metallic paint has rubbed off!!! And I'm 99.9% sure its authentic, I compared every last part of it to mine.

    So far my B-bags are of way better quality but maybe I was just unlucky by purchasing my first Chloe in spring 06! I might return it and wait for the fall bags
  15. i've had my anthracite for about 5 months so far. no problems. i bought it december last year from NAP.

    i'm itching to buy a balenciaga hobo day bag now!