who owns/carries a briefcase?

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  1. i won't have a full-time job for another few years but i was sitting here surfing vuitton....as always....when it occurred to me to check out their selection of briefcases (which of course is under men.....cuz women don't carry briefcases :suspiciou) and i was wondering.....how many of you ladies have briefcases......and if you do, where are they from or what, other than LV, do you suggest?......my favorite so far is the monogram canvas hard-bodied one which i just love......reminds me of my father and his old-school briefcase......
    here's a picture.......
    LV briefcase.jpg
  2. and on a side note....if my boyfriend were the type to wear cufflinks i'd love to buy him these.........
    LV cufflinks.jpg
  3. I used to but don't any more. These days I just tend to carry a tote that's big enough for a few files. My Batignolles Horizontal is perfect for that. But I can see where someone who's an attorney or just needs to carry a lot of paperwork with them might need a briefcase. And that is certainly a lovely briefcase.
  4. I, too, used to carry one but I don't anymore. I put my paperwork and exhibit stickers, etc. in the travel case I use for my writer.
  5. i never really thought about carrying a briefcase... i guess if i did carry one, my students would make fun of me! Maybe when i get older i'll consider a briefcase....

    BUT by all means if you want to get one, totally get one! I do love the LV one's! :nuts:
  6. i do want one but i dunno if i'd feel kinda silly carrying one around.......
  7. I couldn't live without my briefcase. Depending on what kind of work you're in, I wouldn't carry a LV or any other kind of designer labeled briefcase. You want people to notice you for what you are doing, not your briefcase. I have two and I love them both. One is actually a tote with 4 compartments in it, only one that zips closed. the other is a beautiful soft briefcase I bought at a store in Italy, where they make their own shoes and handbags and briefcases and I only paid $100. for it. Buy of the century considering the quality of the bag and the beautiful Italian leather. If anyone's going to Italy and is going to be up in Tuscany with access to a car, I will direct you to the greatest Italian leather and shoe store out in the middle of nowhere. A hard briefcase is best if you are needing to set it on a table and pull out files all the time.
  8. I don't carry a briefcase but a tote. I use a Coach tote, and I'm not sure if I'd invest in a pricier bag because it's on the floor of my office, the floor of the airport..airplane etc. I would never put a pricey bag on the floor. But if I had ton's of money...I'd probably get a Balenciaga Work bag, or maybe the LV Cabas Alto. I do like the hard briefcase you have pictured, but I'm not sure how practical it would be.

    Just my opinion. Get what you love! :o)
  9. I used to carry a Coach briefacase - very unconstructed, soft leather and had a shoulder strap ... since have traded that in for a Prada Nylon Tote Bag that has studs so the bag stands up ... I would die without this bag - I own a lot of pricy bags ... but the Tote is my 'briefcase' and my carry-on luggage and my overnight bag ... that is probably the best investment I ever made ...
  10. That would be a great briefcase for me! I was about to get a large Prada tote on Bluefly, but it sold out quickly. Now I just need to get to a Prada boutique.

    I like my Coach, but it's a tad heavy when I put all my junk in it.
  11. I'm a full-time student these days but when I was working I used to carry this briefcase to work:

    ^click to enlarge image!
  12. I use my MJ Stellas as my "briefcases".