Who owns bright coloured glasses?

  1. I'm thinking of getting another pair of glasses and these coloured frames caught my eye but I'm definetly not a colourfully dressed person, so I'm asking if anyone who wears brightly coloured glasses to post pics of you wearing them?

    TIA :flowers:
    Margarita.jpg Cuba Libre.jpg Kamikaze.jpg
  2. I love those frames - who makes them? I don't have a pic and it's a bad hair day so not taking one;), but I wear colored glasses often. I have a purple pair of LaFont's that have a subtle animal print inside and also a pair of pale aqua ones with tort. inside - also Chanel's with crystal C's and a pair of super funky animal print/tort ones - kinda cat eyed. I get compliments on my glasses all the time.
  3. i dont think you have to be colourfully dressed to wear colored glasses!
    ive been wearing red framed glasses for the last few years and i think it goes well with everything!
  4. I wear nonprescription reading glasses and I love buying them in funky frames! I have zebra striped, leopard spotted, lavender paisley, pink polka dots and a whole bunch more (I tend to lose 'em so I always get 3-4 pairs at a time). If anyone's interested I get mine online at icueyewear.com.
  5. One of my pairs is burgundy and pink plastic (just some no name brand). My other pair is kind of matte silver metal with brown plastic arms (D&G). I actually wear the colorful ones a LOT more :shrugs:
  6. Suzzeee- your glasses sound really cute, especially the aqua ones! :yes:
  7. those frames are really cute...
  8. I want to get colored glasses, and white glasses. But I'm not so sure I can pull that off....

    Your choices are really cute.
  9. ah those are cute! i just got purple versace plastic frames with rhinestones but they aren't very bright.
  10. Sorry for abandoning this thread. Without the search function I lose track on what threads I've posted in :p

    I decided in the end to get some burgundy ones, while those frames are nice I definetly dont have the aura or confidence to pull them off, congrats to the people who can! I envy you :smile:
  11. Those are really cute frames! I don't actually wear glasses or contacts..I have perfect vision. It's a miracle...seriously..