Who owns a Vert Gazon Work bag? Any pics if you wearing it?

  1. Thanks, this will help me make a big decision! :yes:
  2. I know I saw a Vert Gazon City on eBay, its not a work, but it might give you a good idea of what it will look like.
  3. Anyone in the Work club who has a Vert Gazon - can you tell us about it? Is it too bright?
  4. Um, I don't own one, but I tried one on. I did not think it was too bright, I thought it was perfect... I don't have the money right now but I totally would have bought it. I wear a lot of different colors, including green, teal, lots of dark jeans, grey, black, plum/purple, and so on. I have medium brown hair and pale skin. That day I was wearing dark jeans, a teal tunic, and a grey jacket, and it looked PERFECT. I also thought it was a year round, except maybe winter, type color.

    I really really liked it. It's bright, but not apple green bright. I would describe it more as bold, in color and projected attitude.
  5. I own one!!! I just got it from BalNY a couple of weeks ago and could not be happier with it. I wish I had a camera to show you..(it got stolen..in the process of finding a new one) perhaps i will try to take pics on my phone for you.

    the leather is great (i only own two bbags but between my french blue city and the vert gazon work, the work has much thicker leather. i am a student and have used it for school, and it's been surprisingly easy to wear with my clothes. the ONLY problem is if you wear lots of red, you may look like a christmas tree...lol...i change to my fb with red. haha. my favorite color is pink and it is SUPER fun with pink imo...and looks fab with neutrals. i dont feel like the color is too bright at all. and as echoluster said, the color is definately year round which is nice.

    i promise i am gonna try to get a hold of some pics for you. its a great bag!!!! let me know if you have any more questions!
  6. I've actually tried on the Vert Gazon in the Work, Weekender, and Brief at Balenciaga NY.

    I ended up purchasing the brief, but the work (pretty similar in size) also looked great in Vert Gazon.

    The Weekender I found to be a bit much. But perhaps if you're hesitant to get the Work have you considered the Part time - which is a bit smaller?

  7. ICB - Your bags always amaze me. I think we have the same taste!
    Kates & echoluster - Thanks so much. I have decided on the VG Work! I should have it in a week and I'll be sure to post pics. Kates, we could start up a VGWork pics thread!
  8. YEAH KDC!!!!!!!:yahoo: I'm glad you decided on a bag! I want a Work really bad, too. CONGRATS!!!!!
  9. Yea!!! :yahoo:

    I want to see pics when you get it!! I am debating a work for the future...
  10. K, would love to see pics of the VG Work when you get it! I think that it's an amazing color, and should draw you loads of attention. Congrats!!!
  11. yes, please post pictures when it comes! i cant imagine ever buying such a vibrant green for a bag but i will enjoy vicariously through you! :smile: i can however imagine all the great colour combinations you could make with it...
  12. YAYYY!!! Congrats!!! you are going to love it...and we definately should start a VG works pics thread!!! I am so excited for you!
  13. I am starting to really love the bright green!
  14. It's being posted today!
  15. yay for your new vg! please post pics for us to drool over!