Who owns a Timeless clutch?

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  1. Do you think it is a classic or an "IT" item? I'm tempted to buy one before the next price increase. I'm thinking of getting one in grey because it's a seasonal colour. Yay :tup:or nay:tdown:?
  2. GREy would be hot :biggrin: But grey seems liek a very casual colour
  3. It's definitely a classic IMO. I say:tup:
  4. its a classic imo :smile: i have the black timeless caviar clutch and i love it :heart:
  5. I think it's a classic too. Have the one in red and I absolutely love it :yes:
  6. Classic! Mine is black caviar, I LOVE it SO MUCH!!!!!!!
  7. Definitely classic! Me and cutestmomever got the black caviar. So nice.
  8. Definitely classic. I have the black patent and it's great.
  9. Mine's in black patent leather, & absolutely love it!:heart: I would love one in grey! So stylish.GO GET IT!
  10. It's definitely a classic! I have red, black, and white in lambskin and I love them. And surprisingly, I actually use them quite a bit more than I expected I would.
  11. I have one in black caviar and def think it's a classic. Charlotte NM had a red lambskin for $895 and I was so tempted:heart:
  12. I have one in black lambskin. They are classic, IMO. I didn't even know they come in grey.
  13. I have the black caviar too. I love it. Def a classic!
  14. I think the timeless clutch is definitely a classic. I don't own one, but wish I could locate a black patent! :smile:
  15. At the Chanel boutique in Melb (Australia) they've got one in in black, grey and white lambskin. I'm not too keen on white, so deciding between black and grey. Does grey go with most colours? hmm :wondering