Who owns a sandstone bag?

  1. Hi everybody!
    I just got my first Bbag four weeks ago - a plomb city (at first I thought it was anthracite but it is already from the pre-fall collection. The SA didn´t know what color it was, also).
    Now I discovered a sandstone first and I really like it. My first idea was to wait for an origan bag to be sold, but now....
    I´m wondering if the sandstone has a little greenish touch to it (which I would find fantiastic). I just can´t really tell by the pictures I have seen so far. I haven´t seen the color IRL, yet. What do you think?
  2. I'm not trying to hijack your post pelli, but since we're on the subject, how has everyone's Sandstone bags held up dirt-wise? Do they get dirty looking easily, and how is the handle darkening?
  3. No problem zeitgeist4 (a German nickname? Are you German?). That´s a good and important question as well when it comes to deciding about this color...
  4. pelli - the color may vary, but my Sandstone does definitely not have any smidge of green in it, sorry. It's really an AMAZING color, though - I don't think I'd ever sell mine :heart: I know some do have a smidge of pink, though! But mine doesn't have that either lol. OT, I see your above post. I am German as well :welcome: It would be funny if all 3 posters in this thread atm are German lol

    zeit - I've had mine for abou 3 months and the handles have not darkened whatsoever [I used LMB Handles Only, though!] and the bag has also not gotten dirty AT ALL! It seriously looks brand spankin' new :yes: I know some pics of Sandstone make it look really light, but it's not - it's the perfect 'in between' color IMO.. not too light, but not dark either.. it hides dirt VERY well! btw, I have only treated my handles, the rest of the bag has not been treated with anything to keep it from getting dirty.
  5. I've had my Sandstone for months and it has been used quite a bit. I didn't treat it. It doesn't show dirt at all! I love this color. It ages very, very well.
  6. I agree... I've had a Sandstone PT since about March, and it has aged very gracefully!! The color is fantastic!! A yummy beige color that doesn't show any dirt or much wear (in my experience)... also I did not treat mine with anything, and my handles have not begun to darken at all...

    Also, I agree with Verty... there's no real trace of green at all. It's very much a taupey- beige color. Here's Sandstone with a green charm on it, so you can hopefully tell that there isn't really any green in the color? (It does look yummy with the green though!)


  7. Whoops... sorry those turned out so big. :shame: I tried to make them smaller, but the little box wouldn't pull in??

    Anyhow, at least I'm learning how to copy & paste pics from other threads! LOL... :tup:
  8. Here's my SANDSTONE Work


    And a First courtesy of Bal NY...(this color is pretty accurate)


    And others...



  9. I also have a sandstore work that I totally adore!!!
    Jewelqueen is right, it doesn't show dirt! I really recommend this color!
  10. I REALLY love sandstone. It goes with everything and it's just a beautiful color. It's dark enough that it won't show dirt easily and if you spray it with Apple Guard before you carry it it should stay gorgeous for years. Mine is aging beautifully and has no stains and my handles NEVER get dark. NONE of them, even my whites.
  11. i really want a sandstone work. *dreamin*
  12. I love this color, i love it so much i got 2 dif. styles. The leather in the sandstone bags is amazing! all year round color!
    Picture 113.jpg

    Picture 117.jpg

    Picture 114.jpg

    Def. one of my favorites:yes::tup:
  13. Here's a pic of mine. This bag is definitely grown on me the more I use it :tup:

    Side note: a man complimented me on it 2 days ago. How bizarre and unexpected!!
  14. verty: Thanks for the info! That is exactly what I wanted to know. :wlae: My birthday is in exactly 3 months and I'm planning on a Sandstone as a present to myself.

    pelli: My maternal grandmother's family is from Germany, and I got the "nickname" from when I listened to German bands in high school. Just liked the word so much. And thanks for letting me butt in on your thread. ;)

    Thanks for the pics incoralblue! This one is just delicious.

  15. I have a sandstone first that I use nearly everyday. The colour is amazing and matches with everything. I get so many compliments from total strangers on the colour. I've had it for a few months and it shoes no sign of wear or dirt.