Who owns a Roxbury in PERLE?

  1. Who owns a Roxbury in perle? I would now if this colour is VERY susceptibel to colour transfer.Thank you!!
  2. I have Perle Bedford, agenda and cles and have received no color transfer on any. Do not set on magazines or newspapers, and I do keep my agenda in its cover when it is inside a MC with red lining... careful with lipstick on fingers, etc. But, I have had no problems with any perle items and I have had 3 since October... I think the Roxbury is gorgeous in perle...
  3. Thank you very much, Veronika! I'll have a look at the Roxbury in the 3 colours, but perle is very elegant!
  4. I have the roxbury in perle. It does look very elegant and i got compliments on it! I try to keep it away from jeans, newspaper etc....so far I have no problem w/ this bag. Go for it!
  5. I have the roxbury perle and i have no problem...i like the strap that came with it.....u can leave the strap on and just push it inside if u dont wanna use it, and pull the string out when u wash your hands and carry it on your shoulder.
    i think the roxbury perle is really nice...it kind of reminds me of the multicolore shirley, but better cuz its roomier.
    so far i have no transfers or anything.....
    the perle color is very beautiful...its sooo delicious and elegant.
  6. The Roxbury in perle in just stunning.
    I hope you get one :smile: