Who owns a RED LV bag??

  1. Do you use it often? Is the color very bright? Can you post a pic of you with it on? I am thinking of the red/silver Jasmin, but I don't know if red is so bright of a color that it would stick out like a sore thumb kwim? Thanks guys!!!
  2. i have a red jasmin with the gold hardware. imo, red is a neutral, so it goes with everything
  3. I love redddd! I think everyone should have one nice red bag in their collection. :yes:
  4. I have the red (rouge) vernis Biscayne Bay GM. This is an older picture but still works :biggrin:

  5. I used to have a red Houston, the color was simply fab! Red does go with everything :yes:
  6. I have a red epi Speedy 25 with the titanium hardware. It is absolutely gorgeous! I use it a lot. In fact I went out to dinner with DH last night and I used it. I wore black slacks and a floral blouse that had black/white/red. It looked great! I also use it with jeans to! It really does go with a lot. It's a nice shot of color!
  7. I think red epi is a little more versatile than the vernis. You can dress it up/down more easily.
  8. I have a geranium le fab and I wear it with a lot, it's not a true red but a salmon color. Here is a picture...
  9. I only have a Red Epi wallet right now but I love the color so much that I plan on getting a handbag in the same color (eventually!)
  10. I have red vernis reade Pm..I carry it when I have something red on or when I wear complete black outfit..
  11. sorry for blurry pic, ****ty cell cam
  12. totally agree!
  13. Wow, y'all look great with your red bags. All this red is definitely making me want a red bag. I am thinking of a red epi speedy, but my dilemma is what color hardware? I may want to get matching pieces on eBay to match it so Im thinking gold is easier to find. However, I do love the silver. I just got back from a trip to Bal Harbour and I actually got to play with the bags and see them up close! Thats a treat for me since there isn't an LV too close to me. I wasnt too impressed with the perforated speedy. I had planned on buying one. Anyway, gold or silver hardware, RED epi speedy it shall be! Im thinking a 30 so I dont outgrow it either.
  14. Oh and by the way LVbabydoll, I totally LUV the red vernis on you. It looks HOT! Too bad they discontinued red vernis. It was a lovely colour.
  15. i think the red epi looks best with gold harware.
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