Who Owns a Preforated lv bandau?

  1. Anyone have one? I was wondering what you think it would look like on a speedy 30? I am thinking about buying one for a gift? Do you love it those of you that have one? thanks
  2. I have it in the fuschia and LOVE it! I am currently using it on my Damier Speedy, but have put it on my mono speedy and it looks great on that one too! :yes:
  3. I have it I only have a pic of it on a miroir speedy 30 but here you go
    Miroir Speedy & Perfo Scarf.jpg
  4. I have the fuchsia and I wear mine in my hair..I love it!
  5. Love the Perf Bandau on your Miroir! Very chic!:love:
  6. Do you think it would look ok on a monogham bag? Someone told me that it may be too dark looking? Need some advice!~Love the photos so far! Looks great on the mirror!~ Thanks again
  7. I think it'd look adorable on a monogram bag!! The dots of color are really adorable and 'pop' against the monogram.
  8. Thank you! ok I will purchase today>
  9. Please post pics once you get it!
  10. Are they still available? I thought I bought the last orange one and Michele bought the last one in Fuschia - I could be wrong. Also I know someone else on the forum wanted it in green and she said it was sold out.

    Anyway, I am using mine on my Damier speedy & I think it looks great together.
  11. Oh maybe it is! I will need to check! thanks! However, I assume you all LOvE the perforated scarf collection. Do you like it better than the Groom???
  12. A couple of days ago there was only one or two fuschia left....no green for me....:crybaby: ...no orange left either.
  13. I have the one in fuchsia and I absolutely LOVE it..! :love: :yes: I think it will look great on a speedy 30, the size matches perfectly! :yes: I think it will be gorgeous on mono, damier, miroir and certain epi colors speedies. And I totally agree with Rebecca, the dots on the perfo bandeau really makes the speedy looks more outstanding.
  14. I have a fuchsia one and use it all the time. It really looks great on my mono speedy. And I agree with Rebecca, the dots really make the mono pop.