Who owns a Pond Satchel??

  1. Do you have pictures of it in 'action'?? I've never seen one IRL but I'm imagining it looking fabulous with jeans :graucho:
  2. I've been wondering this myself...I've seen a lot more of the ponds (satchel and shoulder) showing up on eBay for awesome prices, but can't imagine how much use I would get from a blue bag...any takers?
  3. I have one, but am going to exchange it for a black one as I already have a turquoise Ergo hobo.
    IMG_3685.JPG IMG_3680.JPG
  4. Your Pond Satchel is Beautiful! I wish I had one! Looks great with your jeans.
  5. OMG, gettinpurseonal, you're so beautiful. (The satchel is beautiful too)
  6. OMG, kiuty77, you are so sweet. That pic was taken with no makeup on after I had been crying over my breakup with my boyfriend of 4 years - we each have 2 kids so it was a breakup of 2 families. I wanted that satchel so bad, but when it came it was just as appealing as a dead rock (like my analogy, lol?). Now I have gone and lost the receipt so I don't know what I'm going to do!! I would lose money if I put it on eBay.