who owns a Montsouris bag?

  1. I have finally decided what gag I want after I return my Coral Bowler Bag to chanel. I saw a gal at Kohl's today and she let me swing it around my shoulder which is what i would do besides backpacking it usually. And I loved it, Also loved the dark brown material straps.
    Would you like to share your thoughts on this bag if you own one.
    I need to hear from my fellow experts. Thanx:P
  2. I don't have one but my aunt does. She loves it. She has two little boys and says how easy it is with the bag and how she couldn't use anything else right now. I would like one myself. I think it's great for going into the city or for shopping.
  3. I had one but I returned it the next day. I wanted the Pionnier more once I got home and looked at it. It's a gorgeous piece and I would have loved to of kept it but I am very happy with the decision I made... you'll love it! I had the biggest one BTW
  4. I have the GM and LOVE it!!! I bought it to use as a diaper bag when my son was born!:lol: It's about 10 years old now and still looks great! I use it now when I go to the gym, amusement parks with kids, etc. I def. got my $$$ worth with this bag!!! I've attached some photos of what it looks like now after 10 years of abuse!!!:lol: I would recommend it if you like having your hands free.:smile:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. I am in total agreement with LVa 1, I used it as a diaperbag all over the world. I have filled it, shoved it, spilled stuff on it and it still looks great after 6 years. You can even fit a long wallet in the front pocket. My girlfriend liked mine so much, she bought the smaller sister for an everday bag at school. :yes: It's a great bag!
  6. I Have It As Well.....I Used It A Lot In Graduate School (Not Really For Class ~ Just To Go Around With)......It's A Fantastic Bag ~ I Think You Will Love (It Sounds As Though You Already Do!)!!!