who owns a Lovcat wallet or handbag?

  1. Hi, I don't see Lovcat handbags in the designer forum, so I was wondering who owns any Lovcat products? I really like their wallets and think it's underated for the price. I usually purchase mine from Saks fifth outlet or Nordstrom rack. Tell me what you think about Lovcat. Thanks! :smile:
  2. I owned one before. I think they are cute and funky!
  3. I have a Lovcat wallet and I love it.
  4. I have a LovCat wallet too, and I love it! I wanted a small, compact wallet that could still hold a lot, and this fits the bill perfectly. Leather is soft and has held up well so far, especially for an item that is handled regularly.
  5. I saw some at Nordstrom, but I passed them up because I didn't need a wallet at the time. I've heard of the brand before, but what are they known for?
  6. ^ i believe it's a korean brand

    i have a bag from lovcat, their leather is really supple and nice for the price. i only see wallets at Nordstrom, nordstrom rack, off 5th, etc though
  7. Korean brand? I heard it's a brand from France. I'll check up on that. The wallets are cute and looks very functional and organized.