Who owns a Juicy bag??

  1. Hi everyone!

    i absolutely loooove Juicy handbags...the only problem is, I don't own one yet! I don't see em around too often in IRL...aside from Nordies and Neimans....so I was wondering if you ladies could post pics of your juicy handbags...Im still trying to decided what style of juicy I should get! They come out with so many new ones all the time, that I have trouble choosing! I'm torn between these two at the moment (I don't know if I want leather or velvet)...so please share your pictures and opinions please! TIA!!
    juicy betsy velour fushia hobo 165.jpg Amy leather handheld tote black 350.jpg
  2. I've got a couple...will post pix later...

    I can't find online pix of the ones I have anymore b/c they are from last year or maybe even earlier as I got them on sale last year but they are:

    1. Kelly green leather, very small shoulder bag or handheld with embossed "Juicy" logo and a gold chain with the "J" on it which drapes over the embossed leather.

    2. Burgundy suede with two brown leather outer pockets, also a small shoulder or handheld style. The pockets have a little ruching with a dark brown bead on each at the center, and a little dark coppery metal fringe, similar to what you'd see in JC jewlery. The shoulder strap is also dark brown leather with whip stitching on the edges. Sounds a little funky with burgundy and brown but it is a fun kind of boho look.

    I love the two bags you posted - black is the favorite! :yes:
  3. thanks for sharing...I know the burgundy suede one that you are talking about...I love that one!! I remember seeing it online a few months ago!
  4. Oh, very cool - I got it from NM on sale last year and it's great!!
  5. I'd go with velour--it's a very *pop!* color and Juicy is all about colors and velour--I'm sure you can get a better black leather bag somewhere else but def not such a hot velour bag!
  6. Hi ajamesgrly -- I like the velvet w/ leather Juicy bags. I have two velvet bowlers (burgundy w/ light pink leather and black w/ cream leather -- no pics, sorry) and I recently bought the three Juicy bags in the attached pic -- the daydreamer tote from Saks.com and the morea totes in suspicion (pink) and peck (dark blue) from eLuxury.com.
    Picture 029a.jpg
  7. This is mine. I love it and get many compliments on it.

  8. I have some but mine are from a couple years ago. You might be able to find similar styles though..
  9. I had a few superstar hobos that I got as samples from a past internship... The leather is pretty good quality. Juicy is hit or miss for me, though... the bag is either hideous, or cute.
  10. that's soo true! I'm loving the deep color of the velvet...and the price of this bag is reasonable too! I love how it stands out and not very many people may like it but I do...it's soo fun!
  11. oooo, I love your totes...they are soo fun!! thank you for sharing!!
  12. that is sooo pretty! I love color effects!!! thank you for sharing!!!
  13. cute bags LVBD...I love the traincases...thank you for sharing...you must have a huuuuuuuge collection with all your LVs and chanels!!!
  14. Lol thanks :smile:
    Ya well..I love bags haha.
    But at least I'm in good company ;)
  15. I've spent so much time in the past couple of weeks on this forum that my butt is glued to this seat! But I always have so much fun...so here are a few pics that I'd like to share that are my faves...I guess I can't decide between these 4 styles now...but I know that if I were to choose velvet...it would probably choose a darker color. Does the velvet line tend to get dirty very easily??

    what would you all choose???
    Amy leather handheld tote black $350.jpg Amy leather handheld tote brown $350.jpg Day Dreamer crystal pink $175.jpg Day Dreamer black $175.jpg juicy betsy velour suspicion pink hobo $165.jpg juicy betsy velour hobo crystal  pink $165.jpg Large Plaid tote suspicion peck blue $225.jpg Large Plaid tote suspicion pink $225.jpg