Who Owns a Goyard Bag?

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  1. I have a black Okinawa tote with black and white stripes and initials; purchased at Barney's in NYC. When I was buying my 2nd Goyard (dark blue St. Louis tote)at Bergdorf's, a lady was returning hers for the THIRD time due to the personalization coming off. The sales lady said this is a problem for unstructured bags so I decided to just keep my tote plain. I love both my bags!
  2. i own just a few. one fidji that's black/tan and a st.louis pm (customized with crown, stripes and initial) that i got this valentine's day. i have read from previous replies/posts that they don't do the crowns any longer but i'd like to prove you guys wrong. i am not of any royal/aristocratic bloodline and yet Goyard still permitted to have a crown on my st.louis! i guess they've become lenient again or i JUST GOT EXTREMELY LUCKY.:biggrin:

    ...now planning to get something done with seafoam and gold stripes and a seahorse (goodluck to me though since metallic inks charge for twice the price of regular inks).
  3. Not sure why it's so inactive. When I first started browsing here a while ago I noticed there was a lot of negativity (most likely with good reason) around the st louis which seems to be it's most popular bag. Maybe that had an impact?

    I was almost totally turned off buying because of this forum and the stories about bad experiences etc. I eventually bought one anyway but was disappointed with it in person wheni received it and I compared it to the quality of my faure le page daily battle and LV neverfull. It just felt flimsy and like it wouldn't last long. I haven't used mine much because I'm scared of damage, though I haven't experienced anything so far. I still love the way it looks, although I like it more in pictures than in person because of the way it feels. I realise their higher priced bags are probably much better quality but this is kind of their starter or gateway bag and if the quality isn't there a lot of customers won't bother checking anything else out.

    Another factor may be that they don't seem to be growing as a company or in popularity as far as I can see. I like the fact that they are under the radar and of course they are going for the exclusivity thing but there are still only a handful of places around the world where they can be bought and a lot of people won't be bothered with a brand that takes so much work to obtain.
  4. selling is not allowed on tpf...
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