Who Owns a Goyard Bag?

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  1. Paint? I want to see this. I didn't know you could do this to a Goyard. But I don't know that much about them...
  2. You can have stripes painted on your Goyard bag and also have your initials painted. When I spoke with the Paris store, they said that if you have a family crest or your own logo designs, they can paint them on for you as well. So if you want a butterfly painted, just show them the sample and they can paint for you.

    In San Francisco, it takes about 6 weeks for the item to be painted because they now have someone local who is trained by Goyard to paint the bags. Prior to this, it used to take 3 months.
  3. Btw, does anyone know the dimension for the Jeanne PM?
  4. hehehe i have a few goyard bags. i am a loyal fan. i love the fidji hobo, the st louis pm (perfect as a diaper bag) and a white croisiere :graucho:

    i love goyard because i can schlep the hobo when it rains and pours. it's so low maintenance. and you can just wash the bag with soap and water if there are denim stains already and they come right off! :love:

    the croisiere 35 is my fave... and here she is :smile:

  5. heyyyyy thanks for quoting me :smile: Don't you just loooove your goyard? :love::love:

  6. Tresor, I love your bag!!! Just wondering, when did you get yours painted? I've been trying everything I can to get that crown painted on my bag but they just wouldn't do it for me!:crybaby:
  7. Hi Tresor! Goyards do rock and you've got one serious collection there! I stand corrected though, I always thought the stripes on your bag was magenta when in fact its the crown that has that pinkish/magenta hue. So sorry! Beauuuutiiiiful bag though!
  8. I want that CROWN~~ Can somebody help me out with this? I mean, who do I have to talk to to get that done? I've tried the SF boutique and I guess I'm not "exclusive" enough. I mean, where am I going to find paper that shows I'm an Aristocrats? Most Chinese people who were originally from aristocracy don't have the paper to prove it because of political reasons and the history ...
  9. teeheee, kouk, unfortunately those aristocrats got all snooty and said to goyard that they shouldnt allow crowns to be painted on bags anymore unless proven that the owner is an aristocrat-- i surely am not such a gal-- i just got lucky enough to have the bag painted with the crown BEFORE the aristocrats noticed HAHA.
    had it done last december and got the bag in may :smile: looong wait
  10. tresormakati, that croisiere 35 of yours is TDF!!!
  11. I have the Blue Marine Croisiere 35, the yellow Fidji Hobo and the black/tan Jeanne GM:smile:
  12. I have the Fidji bag too in the Black/Tan combo (my favorite) but, I am lusting for another bag...I'm lurking in the SF store and stroking all my favorites. I've already told my DH that I expect some kind of Goyard Trunk in the future (so he should start saving now).

    I use it every single day--it's my go-to bag 'cause it can take a beating.
  13. Does anyone know which Goyard Bags are made for men or unisex.
    I'm pretty sure the Messenger is for mens
  14. I think Ambassade, St. Louis GM, and the Urbain are unisex... but then again, if you like it- go for it. I saw a guy at the San Francisco store holding a green croisiere and it looked really nice.
  15. Yay! I love Goyard so much. I wanted the Grand Bleu MM, but my laptop doesn't fit, sadly. But I LOVE love love the Grand Bleu PM... so cute. I don't know what color to get though- it's between red and the maroon :/

    I have a St.Louis PM in green, a Fidji hobo in the dark blue, the tall european-style wallet in black, and the small card-carrier in black as well. All are stamped with my initials in purple (my fav color).

    If any of you live in NYC or go to NYC, I HIGHLY recommend Sheryl Isobe, one of the Goyard Specialists at the Goyard boutique in Barney's. She's helped me order all my bags and my mom's bag and she is wonderful!!!
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