Who Owns a Goyard Bag?

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  1. Who here owns a Goyard bag? What style and what color? How do you like it?
  2. i love my goyard bag! It's the speedy shape in black with cream and magenta stripes and initials.
  3. What kind do you have and in what color? Do you have a picture? What do you like about it?
  4. Did you have yours painted? can you post a picture? I'm getting the white one but I'm asking them to paint it magenta since that's the only way I can get a pink bag. They've discontinued the pink color :crybaby:
  5. I have an Okinawa tote in Black Canvas/Black Leather. I like it a lot because of its shape/design and its sturdiness/waterproofness. The only thing that bugs me is that some people have been complaining about the paint on the leather peeling off (on leather piping, or handles), I have noticed that a part on the interior is chipping, but I guess thats because the zipper touches that part everytime you open/close the bag, my handles are fine, no chipping...

    and yes I have pics (nevermind the watermarking giving me a different name, for I have a different name on that other board...)

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  6. Forgot to ask, what is the name of the Speedy-shaped bag and how big is it? TIA:flowers:
  7. Oooh! I like your bag!!! How big is it? How often do you use it?
  8. Can anyone tell which colour & model this one is? :flowers:

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  9. I think the color is black ... The model is Crossiere or something, I know I'm spelling it wrong ...
  10. You were right.
    It's called the Goyard Croisiere 35, it costs $1,300.00:flowers:
  11. I am so bummed out that they no longer sell the raspberry pink color. I need a pink Goyard bag and the only way to go about it right now is to get a white bag and get it painted in pink stripes, even then they cannot paint the entire bag or the leather in pink ...

    Anyone knows if there's a way for me to get a Goyard Catalogue? Their website does not showcase all the available models or describe the dimensions.
  12. Hi there! I love my goyards. I have the white fidji hobo and the black St. Louis PM.

    I am having the white one painted too this September as i have to send it to the Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong to do so.

    I'm not sure of the catalog but if you go to the barneys website (www.barneys.com) they have an extensive goyard selection and you can see the different bags there.

    Or tune in to http://thebaghag.blogspot.com. She has a lot of Goyards and has the white croisiere with magenta stripes and the crown emblem. Its really pretty! They have stopped the painting of crowns on bags though coz it is supposedly only reserved for royalty. How cool is that!
  13. From what I was told, they've become a lot more restrictive about what could be painted on the bag. The sales told me that they can now only do initials and stripes and that's it. I'm not a big stripes fan because it makes the bag look too sporty, and I wanted something more classic for work. I figure Goyard is a safe workbag since nobody really knows about it on the West Coast yet ...

    Wah, the crown is growing on me too ...
  14. Goyard doesn't have a catalogue, only a small brochure with pics of many items, but it's mainly history and some info on material and craftmenship. If you really want it I can scan/photograph the pages

    The dimensions of my tote are 40 - 36 (top - bottom) x 25 x 7 cm (length x height x width), A4 papers fit in comfortably (like the LV catalogue :lol: ), but those hard files (don't know the proper name) for papers don't.

    I use it about 1-2 times per week, depending on the clothes I wear on that day and where I'm going

    edit: forgot to mention the Okinawa also comes in a bigger size, don't know exactly how much though, the one I have was just right for my height (5'1 - 155cm)
  15. I am posting this information here because I believe this can come in handy.

    Ok, just got off the phone with Goyard. No, they don't have the raspberry pink anymore because the raspberry pink was too similar in shade to the red they currently have. In regards to painting, they can pretty much paint stripes, initials, paint our personal info on the bag, any logos we want there, or a crown if we're part of the Aristocracy (dangit, now I want a crown on there).

    They cannot, however, paint the leather into a different color or paint filled all the non-stenciled part with color to create an illusional effect of another background color.

    The gentleman I spoke with was very friendly and helpful, his English is also excellent ... I was actually a bit intimidated before calling because I was afraid I would get bad customer service as this is a high-end boutique, i'm glad I'm wrong in this case:yes: