Who owns a Foley + Corinna bag?


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Jan 8, 2010
I just got my first Foley and Corinna bag- a purple Moto Hobo on ebay.

Having never seen one before, I was a little disappointed with the quality when I first saw it. The bag is very light (not necessarily a bad thing), the leather is not soft but it's on the 'weathered side' so maybe that's what its supposed to look like? BUT, the lining looks and feels SO cheap! For those of you who own a Foley and Corinna bag, what is your opinion of the quality, esp. the lining? I talked to someone at the F&C store in NYC and she informed me the lining is a lighter weight black cotton but I don't know...it just seems less than exciting for the price. I own other bags (Kooba, Botkier which have a stronger canvas lining) in similar price ranges and the lining is far 'heartier' and overall, way better made. I worry that I got ripped off but I have not heard of any F&C fakes out there.

The bag said it was new with tags (had 1 tag inside) and I can't return it so I'm gonna live with it...but for my own curiosity, I'd love to hear if you own a Foley and Corinna bag and what you think of the structure and the lining, etc... All I can say is that if I saw this purse in the store for the retail price of $450 I would put it right back down! I've heard such great things about this line too....so....I'm confused!

I included several pics that the seller provided...the bag looks WAY nicer in the pics then it does in person...the color is way lighter, faded, etc...



Jun 26, 2009
^ I have 3, and the most disappointing thing is the cheap black cotton lining, esp for the $300 plus price tag. I do use them, but im at times worry if the lining will rip since I carry all my junk around in my bags.


Feb 10, 2006
I have one. I love the weathered look, but my the lining in one of the pockets ripped and I had to sew it back up! The bag was hardly worn. Unacceptable for a bag of any price, let alone that price. Also, the lining in general frays a lot with loose threads. I hate that.


May 28, 2008
I have a F&C Jet Setter Jr. and though I have no problem with the leather.... the black lining is a turn-off. It looks cheap and for the price tag of the bag, the lining should have been better.
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May 16, 2008
I have purchased two F+C City Totes, and returned both of them immediately (I thought that the first one was a fluke, but I guess it wasn't). In general I like the look of their designs and many of the colors that they use, but the bags seem far too unfinished and poorly constructed for the price point. Since then, I don't go near the line, to be honest. Lazartag, I agree with you - Botkier and Treesje in particular offer much better quality (I think that even The Sak does, to be honest) at a lower or comparable price point than F+C does. I am sorry for your disappointment. :sad:

Maybe you could sell it?


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Jan 8, 2010
Thank you for all your quick replies!!! It makes me feel better to know more about their line and quality- it is a disappointment but it sounds like the quality just isn't there- especially in this particular style. So the leather is called 'luxe pebbled" so I get that's its supposed to look distressed but in person, the look and feel comes off as inexpensive synthetic leather! I could probably find a bag at Forever 21 that looks better made. I know that many lines start to loose their 'luster' when they get very popular which is why I tend to like older lines because they seem to be made so much better. I do love the style of the bag so I'm going to get some good use out of it and not purchase another one...unless I can see it in person first! I agree Loquita, The Sak bags seem WAY better made and they are 1/3 of the price! Maybe I'll try one of those out. Do you own any?


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Jul 21, 2008
I had one. I had a Mid City, and absolutely loved the color and the leather. It was soft and great quality for not such a high price tag. I never had a problem with the lining. Maybe I didn't have it long enough, only a few months.


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Nov 24, 2008
Norfolk, Va
I had a city tote and sold it...it seemed so cheapy and flimsy to me, and the lining was disappointing. It was like digging thru a big black abyss when looking for your things in there!


Jan 18, 2009
I have a F&C and the stitching on the flap came apart within a week. I would never buy another bag by them.
Yep, that sounds similar to my experience. The stitching on the inside label started coming undone after just over two weeks of use. The leather quality and overall workmanship wasn't too impressive either...

Is there such a thing as a city clutch? I'm liking the size on this ebay listing.
Yep, there is. This style was the F+C I owned, in fact! It's a nice size for not carrying too many things, but I wasn't impressed by the quality (in addition to the stitching problem that occurred with mine).


Nov 8, 2009
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I have a Jet Setter Jr.. I use it as an everday bag, and have not had any problem with it yet.
No, really, my cat managed to eat half of the leather hanging from the pocket zipper. Besides that, everything is fine. I always get many compliments when I use it.