Who owns a Eugenie wallet??

  1. I am really loving this wallet in mono....especially b-cuz it hold a ton of cards and is so slim and sleek.

    I was wondering if anyone uses it for their checkbook as well? Does it become bulky when you put your checkbook inside?

    I used to have a PTI and it became so incredibly bulky after you put your change, bills, and checkbook inside. I ended up selling it.

    I think the eugenie will work so much better. I know that the gold hardware will get scratched over time but who cares. I don't think it will take away from the beauty.

    its even a hot enough wallet to wear as a clutch:tup:

    Thoughts anyone??
  2. yeuxhonnetes, Sandra, has the Eugenie.

    Forgot to add... It's a hot clutch wallet with enough cc slots for those with a "zillion" cards!
  3. It's gorgeous!!! I don't own it, but wish I did!!!
  4. i LOVE mine. it's not really bulky, and i've put my checkbook in there before

    GET IT GET IT!!!
  5. I love that wallet... I say go for it!!!
  6. i'd say go for it too!!! it's not bulky at all and this is the ONLY flaw i see for the koala that i have...i will..and one day..get the eugenie as my next walle :smile:
  7. I own one...it does not fit my checkbook...after I put it in, the clasp won't close (well, it will close only after a lot of effort every time), so in the end i had to take the checkbook out...but it is a very unique-lookin wallet...I'd say 'go for it!'
  8. I think it is a beauty! Go for it!
  9. It is a very cute wallet.
  10. :love: mine and i've used it with my check book in it, not too bulky and even used it as a clutch. I say go for it!
  11. is the Monogram Eugenie Wallet a limited item or hard-to-get?
    I wanted to gice it as a gift for someone who would love an LV wallet and now I do not see it on eLux?
    Anyone know, I have yet to pick up the phone and call 866.
  12. Who uses check book anymore? dont you all use credit cards, ATM ??? the only reason why you need checks if you are paying your garderner even that you can pay electronically through your bank!
  13. ^^ I was thinking the same thing, I think the only time I write a check is for auto payments/ or direct deposits.
  14. How much does the mono version cost?
  15. I think it's a gorgeous and practial wallet! Def. get it! :yes: