Who owns 2.55 Reissue in 228 (jumbo)?

  1. I got a chance to get reissue jumbo in metallic black, and it's on its way.
    But now I wonder if it would be too big for me cuz I have never seen it irl. (I am 5'6'') I have dark silver 226, and I think it's a little bit small for my needs.

    Does anyone who owns jumbo reissue find it too big?? :confused1::confused1:
  2. Too big? No bag is too big for me.:lol: I have the 228 and think it's perfect. I'm 5'8" but I love big bags.
  3. I have a 228 size too, and I don't find it's too big at all! I always manage to fill it up and sometimes wish it was bigger:rolleyes: I am 5'8 for reference. Congratulations! Hope you love it and can't wait to see pics:nuts:
  4. I wish I had a 228! I love huge bags and am insanely jealous!
  5. I too have a 228 and don't find it that big -I'm 5.9" for reference..
    BTW the new 228 is not so big in height as the older version:it's actually 35cm in length X 21cm in height.That makes it look more like a large E/W bag hehe!;)
    Some pics for size reference.Hope it helps!:smile:
    DSC00553.JPG DSC00567.JPG
  6. I've got one. It is my everyday bag because it fits my make-up bag and sunglasses case, wallet and card case. The 228 fits everything comfortably and still looks sleek and stylish. I own many Medium and carry them but must juggle and prioritize what to fit in the Medium. The 228 wouldn't work for night time though, but I use it for a work bag and its's perfect for that purpose. BTW, I'm 5 6" and 125 pounds.
  7. Thank you ladies. Hope i don't looke overwhelmed with 228 ;)
    I will post a pic once it gets here
  8. I have 2 Chanels in 228 and I love 'em! They're big and roomy and for me, 5'6" sz 16, they work.