Who owns 100 bags now?

  1. This is my goal and would like to know who had owned 100 bags already or closed to it. How did you collect and store those bags? How long did you take to reach 100 bags? Anyone? You'll be my idol :tup: (Or 50 bags are enough? I will need to purchase 20 bags per year, so it will take 5 years to reach the goal. It's a little bit hard to do, isn't it?)
  2. i know of a girl who has around 100 bags. the actual number is unknown :p. she has a special closets for the bags and i think she never "throws" out any bags. it's amazing to know someone who has sooooo many bags :yes:.
  3. Not me...wondering why you feel you "Need" to buy so many bags??? Curious
  4. I am wondering why you have the need to own 100 bags? Will you be able to use all of them or will they just be sitting in your closet?

    I buy what I need. I use all my bags and the ones I don't use my daughter uses;)
  5. It's not necessary to have 100 bags, but it's just a dream goal, sort of my fantasy...:p n also curious to know who has that many bags? What's their feeling to own that many bags and how they deal with them. That's all. (Don't kill me if you think this is a stupid question:sweatdrop:)
  6. I'm nowhere near close to owning 100 bags.. I think I have maybe about 15-20 bags and I'm quite content already being that I don't even get to use all my bags.
  7. I agree with what everyone has said...who would really need 100 bags? I usually just buy what I will use...but it would be a DREAM to have 100 bags...and more! :graucho:

    But it seems that once we get something, we always find something else to add to our wishlist...I know that's what I do! :roflmfao:

    I'm just trying to reach 5 right now...LOL...but then again, I'm only 15 and I just started collecting. :tup:
  8. I'm afraid that even if I had 100 bags, I would still want another one. But seeing that I only have about 15, I couldn't imagine where I would put them all, and my closet is fairly big.
  9. I probably do. But I've got issues. :s
  10. I have over 100 handbags, but they're not all designer and/or high-priced. I just love variety.
  11. I have WELL OVER 100- I'm over 300 !!!!! But again, they are nto all high-end bags either. I'm very lucky to have a large enough house, my hubby converted one of our extra bedrooms into a huge dressing room for me so I have 18 feet of shelf space and 7 Rubbermaid tubs full of bags....... don't even ask me about shoes !!! hahahahahaha
  12. I have 11. :sad:
  13. i do!
    but the majority ar vintage clutches and ones passed down from my grandmother.
    only about a dozen are higher end (LV, chloe, mj, ysl...)
    i just turned 24 so it's going to be weed-out time soon! i can't imagine owning too many more.