who own baby blue vernis especially bedford??

  1. Please show me your baby blue vernis piece..I want to see how blue is this baby blue..

    Does it shimmer??

    Thanks ...
  2. I had one a couple years ago and don't seem to recall a shimmer to it.
    (I sold it to by Fuchsia, my fav vernis ) so I can't recall, but I do remember the shade of blue is very pretty.
  3. ^ thanks..

    I love shimmmer in vernis..I wonder if this color has shimmer considering it's the first vernis color .
  4. It's not as shimmery as the newer Vernis...

    ^OT...Nita, your avatar looks pale?:confused1: J/K I been meaning to ask what happen to your twin kittys avatar?
  5. Yeah it's definitely not as shimmery as the newer colors. One thing I think I've noticed is that after awhile, depending on the condition, it can actually turn to a seafoam green color. One of my friends had this happen with one of her pieces.
  6. ^Very true...
  7. Hey I have a blue vernis houston from 1998. don't remember if this is the baby blue but mine doesn't shimmer and the only one i have seen in vernis that vaguely shimmers is the silver (not the grey). becareful with photos on eBay coss they can be misleading and look as though they shimmer.... (see second photo)

    Let me know if you have any other questions about the color or bag!

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  8. LOL..pale..so no one recognize me :roflmfao:

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  9. Hmm..seafoam green..

    Thanks for the info
  10. You're welcome, just a heads up :yes:

  11. Thanks so much for the pics...
    I had bad experience buying silver one, it turns yellowish but you can't tell from the pics .
    Lighter colors in vernis pieces seem fade over time..I love baby blue and lavendar color..
  12. Nita would say the baby blue is more glossy than shimmery. I really don't see the sparkles in my baby blue as I do in my more recent pieces.
  13. I had a baby blue bedford but was so afraid to use it. It was GORGEOUS. I sold it a few years ago, and I hope the new owner got some use out of it. I also have a baby blue Mercer, and have used it a few times, but mostly it sits in my closet looking beautiful. Here's a shot from SATC, see SJP carrying BB Houston, Bedford and Mercer.


    Here is baby blue on the shelves at LV:


    Here's the baby blue between fuchsia and lavender:



    AND Here's my Mercer in Baby Blue:

  14. this bag is awesome!
  15. Thanks Mitzi..