Who out there owns a Miranda?


Oct 25, 2008
I LOVE her - Holy Cow, she's the most beautiful bag I've ever seen! :drool::drool::drool:
Does anyone know how she carries? Is she comfy? I'd love to see some modeling pics if anyone has some - I searched the threads and the Coach Catwalk but I couldn't find any! I'm really loving this bag and would love to hear about your Miranda's!


Nov 30, 2008
I have it in leather in bordeaux...its amazing but your hands will get sore carrying it...very heavy even before you put anything in it. heavy means good quality!!
Oct 24, 2008
I have her in Black, Bordeaux and Blue. IMO one of the most classic, stunning bags Coach has ever made. She is not for everyone though. She weighs as much as a carry on suitcase and has to be arm or hand carried. That being said, they are my all time favorite Coach bags. So much so that I am in the process of looking for duplicates of all the ones I have.

I think I need therapy...lol


Mar 18, 2008
At the LV store
I have a black Miranda and she is beautiful, I love her but I find it too big and heavy for me (I am 5'4) I have only used it 2 times.. :crybaby:
I also have a Gigi and a Luci that I also find heavy and I hardly ever use, (I believe the Miranda is heavier).
I have been thinking about giving my Miranda up, since I don't use her.. but then, I am hoping that all the working out at the gym makes me stronger so that I can finally carry her for more than a few minutes without feeling that my arm is falling off :sad:
It is a very classy and beautiful bag but it is very heavy.
I will take some pictures and post them if you want to see.
Feb 16, 2007
Denver is my new home!
I have a navy one that I never carry. It's beautiful but it just sits in my closet. I wear so much black that I have a hard time figuring out how to make it work. The color is amazing... I really need to learn to wear colors other than black!

I've been thinking about listing it for weeks but since there isn't really anything I want at the moment, she's just sitting! SO sad!