Who ordered the speedy bb from the LoL collection?

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  1. Beautiful bags
  2. #32 Feb 1, 2020
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2020
    I am having issues receiving the bag (lol x lv speedy bb)- I cannot receive it at home or at work. I always have online purchases sent to the local boutique but it was not possible when I placed this order for this limited collection. So I figured when I placed the order I would contact LV in the interim and switch shipping to the store. Well, it shipped unexpectedly and to my home- I was not there to receive it. So I contacted the 1-866 number to have it held at UPS- an hour on the phone but a manager assured me it would go to a local UPS center for pick-up. It was not possible to ship to a store which still confuses me. I went tonight and guess what? The package was sent back to LV- I was told UPS will not under any circumstance hold an LV shipment because of fraud! And I was reprimanded for dealing with such a criminal company as LV by a UPS agent! I do not know if it is a local UPS policy not to hold LV shipments for pick-up or system-wide. I really did not care to find out. Unbelievable- as you can imagine, I was livid because the bag is now on its way back to NJ. If it cannot be re-routed to my local LV store, then I will likely have to cancel the order.

    This experience has been a real turn-off with the way LV is so inflexible and for UPS to take such a stand with LV shipments. The UPS person said this has been the policy for about a year with LV. I wonder what happened to cause this? If I were running LV, I would not use a shipper that bad-mouthed me. Geez- this is too much to spend for this kind of treatment and is making me question whether I want to continue buying LV. I felt like I needed a shower after tonight's experience.
  3. I can see UPS being extra careful with LV products, mainly due to their price point coupled with the fact that LV will charge UPS for any deviation of signature at address listed, regardless of the issue. With that said, it sucks that you had your bag sent back to the warehouse, but I’m sure Client Services can reship it to you once they get it back. UPS, nor any other carrier will change the shipping address once a product has been shipped, so that part is normal.
  4. I love that you called them stretch marks! Literally LOL. Thank you for all the detailed pics, I will definitely be bookmarking this thread. I have several speedy 30s and I regret selling my classic 25. It looks like the 25 b and the bb will be just perfect. My nano is probably getting sold. I'd rather have the bb. I'm 5'6 so hopefully the strap won't be an issue. Thanks again!:hugs:
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  5. Why didn't they let you send it to the store? When my local store got the nano speedy I paid over the phone and they wouldn't let me leave it at the store, it had to be shipped. Something about not allowing paid purchases to remain in the store. Which I guess makes sense, they don't want to risk selling it to someone else. But wasn't home and it came days after I could've just picked it up.

    I don't think LV is the criminal company, I think LV deliveries tempt UPS employees and maybe even buyers to run scams and be dishonest. Picking up at the store should be the most secure because it requires you to show ID.

    But given the volume of online sales, they should do like Macy's and have a separate online pick-up space in the store. Then you can't risk someone buying it, because it's in a separate area. I mean if you can't pick it up from LV or UPS, what are your options? Call in sick on the delivery day? (I've actually done this before. lol).
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  6. Feb 14th the LoL collection will be orderable again!
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  7. I was able to coordinate a delivery at work. I really do not want to take time off for “stuff” to be delivered- it messes up OT for me plus I just don’t want to. Anyway, speedy is on the way back from the distribution center in NJ.

    I normally pick up in store but the lol collection did not allow it. Picking up in store is without question the best way to receive online. You can make sure everything is in order- no empty box, no defects, etc. And if it needs to go back, my store will hand it to UPS.

    Thank you for the reply. Fingers crossed speedy is as cute as it looks and is perfect.
  8. Did anyone buy the itty bitty PS party bracelet? I just received (at work!) and it is ridiculously adorable. MII.
  9. Those pictures look amazing! thank you so much for sharing with us your beautiful speedy bags. I am tempted to get the LOL too. Still making up my mind at the moment.
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  10. They are impossible to get now. So if you somehow come across one, you should grab it first and think later. LOL. :lol:
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  11. such a cute bag! I would adore the mono or de version but this is really fun too! Now I’m thankful I never got my hands on the nano. :smile:
  12. @LVFloridagirl, I am glad that you got yours and happy with it. I am still waiting for mine. I think I Like BB more than nano which I gave it up already.
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  13. Good call and I’m excited for you! It’s such a great size and love the removable strap. Much more functional than the nano. Here a pic next to Alma bb for reference

    Attached Files:

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  14. Thank you @LVFloridagirl for the photo. Very useful. I do like the removable strap since I probably never use it. I like hand held bags. May I ask how long did you wait for it? Thank you.
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