Who ordered the speedy bb from the LoL collection?

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  1. I pre-ordered as well mostly for the size and I like the shiny hardware- the nano is brushed. I have and love the nano but to me, it is more like a bigger PA shaped like a speedy. The LOL bb is more handbag-like and has the removable strap. I too am not in love with the random streaks but wanted the chance to decide in person than miss out. I hate tying up the money but these will likely sell out before release. What choice do we have- I would love to know if speedy bb will release in the classic canvases.
  2. So TRUE!!!
    like what choice do we have LOLL
    LV totally toying with us... I never had issues getting what I wanted in LV back in the days O_O
    I haven't pulled the trigger for the BB yet just cuz of $ right now!!
    I'm saving a bit of money for the new vanity that'll be out I think next year ... :sad:
    if they were to ship the LoL collection right away I would have pulled trigger cuz can just return it!! but sigh.. but to wait till Feb/March :sad:
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  3. Can’t do the stripes! Would have loved it in plain mono!
  4. I hope this does not affect the timeframe to return. It would not be right if we cannot return if the items do not work.
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  5. That would be so mean if they did that!!
    I can't see it affect the time for return cuz that would cause an outrage i think!! so i think you're good to go!! :heart: can't wait for you to post pics of the collection once you get them! :heart: so hard to judge just be stock photos sometimes!
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  6. Yes, it is difficult to tell from stock photos plus the bb is a new size and shape for canvas- I am sure I will go wild for it! Wouldn't it be a dream if LV started making the micro pochette (like the Giante collection) and the speedy bb in mono, DE and DA?!!

    Fingers crossed we love the LoL.
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  7. Anyone have this bag, the nano, and the speedy 25? Just curious on the sizing. Hoping for a plain speedy bb soon!
  8. There is a YouTube with someone unboxing the speedy bb in lol. She also compared it to the speedy nano she owns.
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  9. Thanks! I googled speedy bb, but no videos came up. I will try again.
  10. Here it is:

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  11. It'll be my dream if it comes in DA with the padlock
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  12. Omg, thanks. I wasn't pulling up nooothing with my search! LOL
  13. I mean they have an alma bb that's permanent. Why can't they just add a permanent speedy bb line also? In all prints and seasonal designs! :drool:
  14. Omg, after watching that video I am in LOVE with the bb. It seems like the perfect size between the nano and the 25. I just wonder if the plain mono comes out how it would be priced. It seems odd to price it over the speedy b 25...
  15. #30 Jan 31, 2020
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    Here you go.
    I must admit I only ordered the LOL BB for the size and the detachable strap but I wasn’t sure I would like the pattern. Well in person the bag is quite lovely. The weird stretch marks in different colors actually match every outfit perfectly!! I actually busted out laughing as I was trying it on because I was so pleasantly surprised and delighted! While I love the Nano Speedy I actually LOVE the BB more due to the detachable strap and practical size.
    Now one negative about this bag. The adjustable strap is ridiculously long! Even at the shortest length it was too long on my 5’ petite frame. Did they not test this?? Do they not know there are some of us who are vertically challenged? Luckily it is detachable so I’m using my monogram strap I purchased a few months ago for the Favorite Bag.
    See the photo of the straps. Top is from the LOL BB, then my Monogram Strap and the bottom is from the Speedy B 25. It’s longer by a good 7”!!

    Not a deal breaker since I can swap it out. So if you’re not sure about the pattern give it a try you might like it in person.

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