Who ordered the speedy bb from the LoL collection?

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I've had quite a few chances to order the LoL speedy BB but didn't end up pulling the trigger cuz a part of me is still hoping to score the nano speedy on the website (which is near impossible but not completely 0%)...

    Which one do you prefer if you can pick? Nano speedy or LoL speedy BB?
    and any of you ordered the speedy BB from the LoL collection?
  2. The Speedy BB is a tad bigger then the Nano Speedy, if the BB was just plain monogram without all the stripes I'd consider it. The Nano Speedy, while cute, is too small for me.
  3. YES... i added the item to the bag but didn't press proceed because of the stripes....
    But i go back and forth on that..
    I like the size, adjustable and removable strap..
    but the stripes...
  4. I actually pulled the trigger and pre-ordered the speedy bb. I've been on the hunt for the nano speedy for so long but now I felt I only wanted it because I can't get it. LOL. Some of the reasons why I'm having second thoughts on buying it now are the non-adjustable/removable straps and the actual size. I too am doubting if I will like the stripes, but we'll see when I actually have the bag in person. :smile:
  5. same.. i didnt get it bc of the stripes
    but i'm hoping it'll get released in regular monogram canvas
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  6. I didn't, it's cute but I don't like the stripes either..
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  7. nm
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  8. I pre-ordered the speedy bb. It kept saying item unavailable for me but I eventually got though and got an email confirmation.

    I actually like the stripes because they remind me of the ranks you can get in game!
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  9. I preordered it. From the photos alone I’m not loving the stripes but I can’t say for sure until I see it in person. I can always return if I don’t like but I would rather not spend any more of my precious time stalking if I decide later on that I like it.
  10. I preordered it. I actually love the design cause it’s camo-esque and I love anything gaming related! I do think the blue version is nicer than the gold though. Also, I would rather purchase now than pay reseller markups later.
  11. Yes..I held off for now but almost bought it when it was available for a few minutes tonight!! But you're right..can always return it if it's not what you expect!! :biggrin:
  12. YES! I also like the blue version more too...
  13. I preordered. I love small bags and have been searching for a nano for a very long time, with no luck. I actually liked the funky design of the speedy bb and I love the removable strap. (I like it not being plain mono canvas, need a change.) I too did not want to spend any more time stalking so no regrets on the purchase. Maybe by the time it comes out we will know if there will be other speedy bb designs on the horizon. For now, I’m really looking forward to seeing this irl.
  14. yeah..my stalking journey for the nano speedy has been a total fail so far!! LOL
    I remember when the nano collection first came out in 2015 and I almost bought a nano turenne but didn't...one of my biggest regrets thinking back now!! lol
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  15. Maybe they will read our minds and release the speedy bb in mono. Wouldn’t that be amazing?!
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