who ordered the dove at NAP

  1. did you get your dove already? How do you like it? Is it grey or is it green?
    I'm still waiting for mine and i can't stand the suspense.
  2. I ordered the dove and while it's very pretty, I sent it back. As others have noted here, it's a very unusual color and it was hard for me to match to. With some outfits it looked gray-blue, with others it looked gray-green. In the end, I decided it just didn't match enough of my stuff to warrant keeping it.

    On a side note: I'm really impressed with NAP and DHL. My bag shipped on Monday, I received it Tuesday, sent it back on Wednesday and NAP rec'd it yesterday (Friday). Now, that's FAST!
  3. I totally hear what you're saying lily!
    And WOW - NAP were quick!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry you couldn't work with mousse though - she's not for everyone.

    Though i have noticed that there are boots/shoes in lots of tones of grey at the moment, so i was quite happy to mooch around and try and find a pair of near-match boots:yes:

    Grey seems to be in this A/W so i was happy keeping the mousse.
    I love the colour changes in the bag and i think it will see me through spring/summer too.:flowers:
  4. i've been tormenting myself all week about my mousse and really have only a couple more days to decide...i absolutely love the silver hardware and think the shade will be especially stunning in spring and summer but am worried about the green undertones in terms of the matching issue because i tend to wear mostly neutral colors...but the silver! and the price! what to do?!? :shrugs:
  5. Hi ladies.
    Hmm.. Why is it that with the Paddy there's always the maching issue. I don't think this is ever an issue with Balenciaga. Anyway, I do hope I get to like my mousse. i really want a grey bag but the green undertones is scaring me.
  6. The mousse was on sale at LVR several months ago. I had seen it irl and know at once it would never match my wardrobe. I used to have a pair of trousers in the exact same colour and ended up donating it to charity after a few years having hardly ever worn it.
  7. I think the bag will work really well with summery colours, but the colour will also fit in with this colder weather (Here in the UK) with blacks, creams and other shades of grey. Or anything that has maybe a pale green flower/pattern etc.

    The grey boots i bought to 'go' with my mousse paddy are not an exact match, but they work because they are a shade of grey. I don't think i'd want to go too matchy-matchy anyway, tbh.

    Even if you wore all black, you could easily offset the mousse paddy beautifully with silver jewellery and a grey belt, or a patterned scarf.

    It's all about trial and error:yes: :flowers:
  8. i totally agree, i'm not into the matchy-matchy look either, i guess it's not worrying about matching but clashing that's making me hesitate, if you know what i mean...in the fall and winter i wear a lot of brown and grey and at least with the shades i have now it's not working, but with black and cream it is lovely! ...it's already fairly cold here so i've put away a lot of my spring and summer clothes but i'm going to try to dig them out and experiment a bit later after my husband goes out... :sneaky: ...oh and i am also going to try out denim, in the summer my uniform is often a short jeans skirt and white top which i'm thinking could look :cool: ...
  9. I think the key to such a shade is to not even try and match the colour.

    It'd look great with denim, no?
  10. The colors in my wardrobe just didn't see to "go". Yes, it looks nice with denim, but I thought it looked nicer with the lighter jeans, and I have mostly dark. I also wear a lot of blues, and the particular shades that I have just seemed to clash with the dove bag. Finally decided I'd be self conscious carrying the bag (self conscious with a paddy??? how can that happen??) and decided to return...

    It's all about individual preference though. Maybe the bag matched better than I thought, and I'm just a color matching freak!!!:nuts:
  11. I've read that a few of you sent back your paddy; but, I didn't see it listed on the site as available again. Do you guys think NAP will put these back up for sale on the site?
  12. The returns *were* back up for sale, but have all been grabbed, as mentioned on another thread.
  13. It looks great with some denim, but not all.

    I tried the bag with a pair of dark wash jeans and it just didn't 'go' at all, but i then tried some pale blue and grey wash jeans and mousse complemented both of them perfectly.:flowers:
  14. Hm... reading this thread is starting to make me feel a little better about missing out on it at NAP!