Who ordered from the AR sale, & what did you order?

  1. I did, a choco Edith Loaf... I'm so excited! I also wanted the black betty but I have my heart set on a chain betty so that can wait.
  2. I did! I did! I did! :yahoo: I ordered the loaf too in whiskey! But now I'm a little worried it will be too small...
  3. I think it's pretty close to the size of a LV Speedy 30.
  4. I am so tempted to get the black Betty or whiskey Loaf. I really don't need another bag right now but the price is hard to resist.
  5. I've never seen a speedy in real life so I can't compare. Do you think it will fit a document or notepad? I was told it will fit a paperback, that's a little small.
  6. I got the Edith conteen in whiskey! At first I thought it doesn't look that great and I was going to get the loaf, then I did a search on the forum and another member have a photo of her carrying the bag and it looks great on her. I think it'll be a great size for holding A4 notebooks.
    Now I'll really part with my tobacco paddy from NAP which is gorgeous but just too heavy for me.
  7. Oh, could you send me the link to the thread with the photos? I've done a search, but all I could find was someone holding the handles. I want to see it on someone's shoulder or arm. I'm relieved that it'll fit A4. I was considering the conteen too...have you seen the picture on the NM website? There's a picture of a model carrying it. It looks good to me, but I can't justify a paddy (also from NAP ;)), a loaf and a conteen in one month. The hubby would freak!

  8. Hi

    Yay found it! Took me a while to find it again :sweatdrop:


  9. Thanks. :flowers: That is a good size. Maybe I should get that instead of the loaf...but the loaf is so cute... decisions decisions... :shrugs:
  10. You can purchase both :idea: !
  11. i also ordered the choco edith loaf, i was torn between the chocolate color and whisky, but i ended up pick chocolate.
  12. Then I would have to pay customs tax, because the total value is over AUD$1000. :sad:

    Plus the hubby would freak coz I just got the paddy from NAP as well.
  13. I got the Betty Shoulder Bag in black
  14. Hehe that's my conteen! I didn't know that was its name :rolleyes:. I highly recommend it, but I haven't seen the loaf. The conteen actually fits my little laptop and a few notebooks!