Who or what do you blame for getting started on Mulberry bags?

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  1. For me, I blame my work as they kept sending me on business trips and I discovered Mulberry at Heathrow airport! I can't go there now without coming out with a bag of something or other! :wacko:
    I've often wondered if I could put them on my expense claim, but I haven't tried...yet! :nuts:
  2. I was at a children's charity event where they had live auctions & silent auctions going on.

    One of the live auctions was for a Maxi Mabel in sand .. I was sitting at the table like ... :drool:

    Almost as soon as I got home I did some digging .. & it all went downhill from there :lol: (For my credit card at least!!)
  3. I blame you guys!!! :lol:
    I went into HOF Oxford Circus - touched and smelled etc
    Then came on here to research the brand(my friends hate this but a lot of thought goes into me spending a bit of money on anything)
    So there was a post about signing up for the presale
    I did
    The sale came
    I saw
    I bought
    I conquered!!! haha
    But yeah I still blame you guys - you obviously loved your bags, went on and on about the quality - and so on, so that played a huge part in purchasing one. :biggrin:
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    I was interested in LV bags and found my way to TPF. I chatted for ages on the LV chat thread. Then I started looking around at the other forums. Then I found Mulberry and stopped looking at LV :biggrin: (the bags not the chat thread!)
  5. I saw Mulberry in John Lewis. thought they were ugly and overpriced (think they had bays and roxys). Showed DH - he agreed with me. Then I sold my kitchen on ebay, had cash to spare and saw my cadogen being sold by a lovely tPF member. The rest is history and now I have 2 bays and 2 roxys!
  6. I saw the same bags in HOF a couple of years ago and was astonished that they were so expensive. I never thought I would spend so much on a bag! Now here I am with 3!
  7. I saw a Roxy being carried by some celebrity quite a few years ago (can't remember who it was though as I was totally focused on the bag!) and decided that I HAD to have one of those someday.

    Searched on ebay for Roxy's but never felt comfortable spending so much on a bag, and also because it was on ebay so a bit risky (didn't know about the forum then). I then found Mulberry's website and signed up for their presale and bought my first bag, oak Emmy.

    I was quite content with my one designer handbag for a little over a year then I saw an oak Phoebe on ebay, the listing mentioned this forum, I signed up, saw lots of reveals of bags I had never even seen and that's what has 'helped' me to buy sooooo many bags.
  8. I started on Mulberry bags last autumn because I had seen them in magazines and always liked the look of the Roxy, although not the price. It was only when I purchased a fake Mabel and got suspicious afterwards that I stumbled across TPF. That was March or April. Look what it has done to my signature....:nuts:
  9. I don't even know the name of the person but its a 'royal' that I saw a photo of in a very old Hello magazine at the races and she had a Black Phoebe! It was love but it took me about 2-3 years before I purchased my first.

    Although, the first Mulberry I wanted was an Oak Phoebe - the first I purchased was a Chocolate Antony because I saw a lady with one at EuroDisney when I was there.

    As for who I blame for me buying the rest of my collection...................you lot!!!! hahahaha
  10. I actually bought a Kooba bag in Nordstroms, Seattle for, I think $356 two or three years ago. I thought it was soooooo expensive, but hubby convinced me I had to have it. Came home and searched the Internet for Kooba. Came across TPF. Kooba went wild with 'disco ball' type handbags, so I had to abandon ship.... found the Mulberry forum and was immediately drawn to the Roxanne and Rosemary. Bought my first Mulberry Rosemary (chocolate) from Catsuk (one of our own).

    That one bag bred a few others! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  11. Good thread btw!

    I read an article about Mulberry several years ago - I think was in the Saturday mag re Daily Telegraph

    It interested me 2 fold:-
    - always had a thing for handbags, but never expensive ones
    - my DH comes from Somerset, not that far from Shepton Mallet

    I then saw them IRL @2.5 yrs ago at Bicester but couldn't get over how someone could buy a bag at @£400 (think it was a ltd edition Blenheim, or perhaps Roxy, which had caught my eye) and it not even be lined!!!

    How could I have had such little taste in those days? I walked away in disgust, whereas now, I'd run towards them like some cheesy scene from a romantic film!!
  12. Kate Moss. I saw a picture of her green croc Bays and almost died.
  13. My Mum - she had a couple of the scotchgrain bags when I was younger and to be honest I thought they were a bit fuddy looking. Anyway, it was only a few years later when I saw someone in a magazine with a Mulberry bag, that I realised they were made by the same company my Mum was actually quite cool and so were the bags!! My brother and I brought her an Oak bays for her 60th, which she loves - so it is a bit of a family thing.

  14. The Mulberry ad, showing a model carrying phoebe, on the back cover of a magazine. I just couldn't get her out of my head and had to get one.
  15. I bought my first Mulberry some 25 years ago, then nothing for 23 years! I don't know what happened after that, only that I thought I should sell this 25 year old bag which I didn't use much. I sold it, and started looking for a replacement - never should have, I can see that now! I have now replaced that bag almost 30 times :nuts: Scary, isn't it?
    Sold a couple now and then, and around 20 bags are in my possession at the moment.