Who offically authenticates Tiffany jewelery? Paypal needs proof it's fake...

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  1. Hi all,

    I bought an item which has been found to be fake (through opinions here and my own). I have started a claim with paypal but now they want written evidence that it is fake on company letterhead etc. Now I did a search and it's mostly handbag authenticators that come up.

    Does anyone know how I might contact jewelery authenticators asap?

  2. Won't Tiffany&Co authenticate their jewelry? I'd think they would.

  3. Tiffany authenticates their own jewelry. If you are in the NY
    area just go to customer service. A jeweler will look at the item
    and authenticate.They should provide a letter upon request.

    If you are not in the NY area, call your local Tiffany and see what
    their policy is.
  4. I think Tiffany may also charge for the service