Who of you are currently living in the Philippines?

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  1. Just wondering, since I live in the Philippines....who of you are from here too;)
  2. i am filipina but have been moving around since 1999. currently based in hong kong-very bad for those with purse obsessions! :nuts: my face is always like this when i walk around the stores.
  3. Okay I've never been to the Phillippines...but I heard from my uncle who is a businessman that fancy stores there have people with guns standing at the doors for safety! Is that true? Do you feel safe carrying LV there?
  4. From makati here :smile:

  5. yes of course! it is safe here... no need to worry even if you're carrying hermes :yes:
  6. Hi rica! I'm in manila. ;)

    cola, your uncle's probably talking about security guards. ;) manpower is cheaper here in the philippines so aside from built-in security systems some establishments like jewelry stores and banks etc have security guards... but they're not scary. hahaha. they're in formal uniform. you know, somewhat like the groom but in blue. :yes: some of my friends have guards/body guards outside their house too. just to look cool, hahaha... well, i guess its also for safety.;) but it's nothing big. I think they have them in other asian countries as well. (ie. japan, hongkong etc)

    It ain't perfect but Manila is a nice homey fashionable place. A lot of people get surprised when they go here! some even get addicted and move here.:rolleyes:
  7. Am from Manila too.
  8. im not filipino but my best friend is and just moved there :crybaby: but yeah, he has a private body guard since he goes to some posh private school. he told me that kidnappings there for ransoms are pretty big since he is in Manila. but everything is pretty safe if you have a body guard :shrugs:
  9. presently manila's pretty safe with bodyguards or not.. :smile:
  10. Manila in general is pretty safe, unless you go to the shady parts of town then you have to worry about pick pockets and stuff like that. But I believe it gets a bad wrap from media, other people with their horror stories, etc. I mean even in the US there are places you shouldnt go to after dark or even daytime for that matter. Labor is cheap so there are a lot of security guards, bodyguards, drivers, maids, nannies,etc etc....
  11. oh...and by the way Im from Alabang:love:
  12. hi rica! I am also from the philippines. Also a bag addict :drool: I'm from pasig!
  13. Kumusta, mga kababayan! I don't live there but I was born there (and left at the age of 1). I've heard that Makati is more cosmopolitan than it has ever been! I'd love to visit again.
  14. I live in San Juan!!

    We should have a Get Together too!
  15. i don't live in the philippines but i go there at least once every 2 years to visit my grandparents for 3 weeks. i love it there! the food, my family, everything!