Who needs PCE when you can...

  1. shop in your Mom's closet? LOL. Hooray for me! My Mom has barely used these two Coach bags (since she got so hooked on LV!), so I happily took them off her hands! The Soho tote is HUGE. I can get so much stuff in there and it looks great with the new accessories I got at the Outlet when I was in FL. I also picked up the cutest FL keyfob at Brighton (LOVE their stuff too) so I have that hooked on there as well.

    And the pebbled leather tote is YUMMY. Love that feel of the pebbled leather!

    Soho Tote (black):


    Brighton FL Keyfob (with a flamingo, state outline, palm tree, orange wedge, and alligator):


    The goodies I picked up at the Outlet in Sawgrass Mills (wallet, eyeglass case, contact lens case and mini-skinny):


    The inside of the wallet. I think this is my new favorite wallet, it has just the right amount of space:


    And the Hamptons Pebbled Large Tote:

    loot01.JPG loot02.JPG loot04.JPG loot05.JPG
  2. Gorgeous Kristan!:drool:

    That's the best kind of shopping!:yes:
  3. Beautiful bags! Lucky you! :nuts: Enjoy them!:smile:
  4. LOL! That's the best way to get new bags!! Won't work for me though. My mom's over 1,000 miles away and only gets her Coach from me or when she finds a deal at Goodwill! haha! (I try to teach her about fakes so I hope she's learned enough to buy wisely!) They are both very pretty!!
  5. Oh, yeah - mom rox! Love that pebbled tote and all of your matching black stuff!!! So, what are you going to introduce mom to next so she starts handing down the LV?! :graucho:
  6. Well thank you Mommy! Congrats great shopping trip.
  7. Yea!! :yahoo:Congrats! I wish I could get a system like this worked out!! :graucho: Love all of your items, what a cute charm!! I may have to track that down...
  8. very fun!!! congrats!!

    Wish I could do that, usually my mom wants to shop in my closet! :yes:
  9. Hold onto the Vintage Hamptons. If it's the 9290, they are valuable and hard to find.

    Nice bags!
  10. I 2nd that. My mom is always asking what she can inherit next! Congrats on your gifts Kristan!
  11. i just got the soho large tote in black for pce and i was thinking about getting my mom the hamptons carryall in black. nice finds in your mom's closet.
  12. I'm totally jealous...my mother is fantastic, but she doesn't know what Coach is and doesn't care. Her $20 handbags make her perfectly happy and last her for years, which is fine...but it means I can't shop her closet for Coach castoffs!
  13. Hurray for Mom's who give it away!! Beautiful bags!
  14. I just checked it, it's #10529
  15. Those are great bags. Your mom was really great of your mom to give you those handbags. Congrats on your great finds.