who needs help posting pics of their bag collection?

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  1. i'm willing to help you guys resize your photos. if you are interested in this, send me a Private Message and i'll give you my email address.

    this is assuming you all know how to email me your pictures!!!

    would love to see all your bags and i know the rest of us do too.
  2. I have gotten some good tips from you and only you - I"m not quite ready to line them up and pose them yet but you will be the first one I ask for help!!!!! Thanks much.
  3. Fayden, I bought the oak roxy from that website I posted to you.

    When it arrives I will take pics of my collection, and then, if I am cannot figure out the resize thing (always an issue with me) I will email them to you.

    Thanks for offering your time, that is great of you.

    BTW: are you going to buy the 50% Phoebe?
  4. Fayden,

    I don't have my Paddy yet, so I don't have a picture on my computer, but could you help me post a picture of another bag off the Internet on another thread? I saw a TV movie with Tori Spelling in it a few weeks ago and loved the bag she carried in the movie. In looking around, it looks most like a Marc Jacobs Stella. I'd like to have a picture of the Stella to post over in the Celebrity forum. My thread name is Tori Spelling's bag or something like that. Could you import a picture of the Stella over in that thread or give me instructions on how to do it? I'm not real computer savvy when it comes to pictures.


  5. oooo, can you let me know when you get your roxy collection, i'm thinking about buying the phoebe. i wonder how long it takes for you to get your bag? hmmmm... i will have to take a look at it again.
  6. okie dokie i will see what i can do...:lol:
  7. Yes, I will let you know when it arrives. That link is on thefashionspot.com and the gals over there are scooping up assorted styles of Mulberry's from the online store.
    The email I recieved said the bag shipped today and that I would have the bag "early next week"; it was just a typed email from a SA, not an actual UPS tracking notification.

    Good luck with your decision Fayden, at half off I could not resist. :smile:

    EDIT** you are in NY - they are in SC; shipping to you should only be 2 business days for ground.
  8. Thanks, Fayden!:biggrin: