Who needs a Whiskey Edith?

  1. Notice I didn't say "wants"... :lol:

    I just got a new bag shipped to me from Saks. Long story short, I have two, and the one I just received today is available if anyone here wants it or else I will send it back. Today's arrival is much more "scrumpled" than my bag, so if you're looking for a smooth bag, this isn't it. I will take pics tonight if anyone wants it.
  2. Daisy, I'd sure like to see pics! I'm not overly thrilled with how unwrinkled my Chucky is, but he's starting to grow on me. The perfect bag might sway me!
  3. No problem, Blu! I was surprised at how wrinkled this one is. I'll definitely take pics for you tonight.
  4. Thanks Daisy! Did you post pics of your first one for reference? Seen so many my head is spinning, and not just from wine! Lately I think ETs and BLs ediths look pretty darned perfect IMO and hoping for something similar...
  5. Awwww...thanks! Makes it that much harder to send them back when you say that! But Blugenie, I think you need to keep Chucky! You two are attached now.

    Daisy, looking forward to your pics!
  6. I have a pic of my Edith with my Zippy and Whiskey Paddys. Lemme track it down for you. Tonight I'll take a pic of the two side by side.
  7. Here's my bag. I :love: her... I'm really content with her shape and wrinkle ratio. :lol:
  8. oh GOD i want an edith!!
    notice i said WANT and not NEED :P
    good luck selling it!! :smile:
  9. Daisy - post the pics in here! If no takers and you return it to Saks, I might be interested. I quite like the scrumpled Whiskey Edith as long as it isn't messy scrumpled of course!
  10. roey did your whiskey come yet? (thinking you are a multi-Edith mom too, but perhaps have to wait?) I agree it's tricky to find the perfect balance. Chucky is getting slumpier but don't know if he'll ever wrinkle, although I am quite fond of the pebbles.

    Ok, here's the scenario: ET really doesn't need whiskey cuz she's so in love with chamois and she's gonna be on to another hot chloe next week. But instead of returning to RH, ET gets discount, sells Marky to blu, blu returns Chucky, can now afford leshent's chamois, roey buys Daisy's, we all see SoCal's large chamois, fall in love - but not SoCal who returns large - everyone throws mediums up on marketplace and go in search of large chamois that can't be had, but just in time for fall collection to begin the frenzy all over again. The End! Or is it just the beginning??? :biggrin:
  11. OMG, Blu!!! That is hysterical. I'm so pleased that I love my Edith. I'm not sure if I'm too easy or if I got a perfect bag but I am really content with her. Now that's not to say I'm not greedy for more but I'm lucky in that I do have one loved bag.

    On the one hand, I'd love my extra Edie to go to a PFer, but on the other hand it would be so much easier for me to just return her and avoid any potential hassle of the buyer wanting to return her, etc. The trouble being that since I bought her online, I can't return her to my S/A and have him resell the bag to someone else. What to do...
  12. Daisy I know it's a tricky situation. Saks online? I can never find Chloe bags - was it the catalog pages? Yes, my dream is to see multiple magic whiskey medium returns pop up on NM sight-unseen so I can just keep buying and returning as needed - or just give up, but if I see the dream bag that's not returnable I figure I'd roll the dice and if I didn't end up preferring it IRL I would just send it back to NM instead of Chucky...and keep the little freaky bugger. :smile:

    Don't feel committed to selling to a PFer just because you threw it out there - your offer was very very thoughtful, and this has been an absolute Edith frenzy with fun and desperate, crazy women! Nonetheless we sure seem to know how to get our hands on the things we want, come heck or highwater :nuts: You do what's smart for you! :P
  13. You guys are going to kill me, but now I am thinking I might keep the whiskey Edith, OR return both! I know, I am insane. I am tired of all the Edith worries, though! I love the chamois, and I think I got a great color...pretty deep, not too "fleshy"...and the leather is unbelievable! But I am going to do Goldens' clothing/outfit compatability test tonight. Just throwing it out there in case someone is looking for chamois. Or whiskey.
  14. ET you're killing ME!!!! Looking for... not wants, not needs! Right now I need FIVE whiskeys, and a chamois to wipe me off the floor!

    I'll be waiting the results of your test.....
  15. OMG! This could sooooo happen! LMAO! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    It could start on Monday night or Tuesday...I will return from SF to inspect big Edith by then...