Who needs a new Chanel when you have a Matelasse!

  1. Ok....So maybe I still love Chanel and am lusting after a Cabas:pbut this Matelasse in Vert Gazon was just too gorgeous to ignore!! I went to the Koh Samui Summer evening event and my BF convinced me that she was the most beautiful bag in the shop!! He also said he would help pay for her, bless him! I did get 20% off as well, seeing as it was a members evening! I have completely broken my purse ban...and so the saving for a Cabas starts all over again:rolleyes:!!

    Anyway here she is!! The colour is so vibrant, I have been wanting VG for so long and didn't know what style to get, but this matelasse is just:love: I think I need a coin purse to go with her...if I can just find one!
    VertGazonMatelasse1.jpg VertGazonMatelasse2.jpg VertGazonMatelasse3.jpg VertGazonMatelasse5.jpg
  2. Congratulations on a beautiful bag! Love the title of your thread and your matelasse! I wish I was brave enough to own this bag is such a gorgeous color - mine is black. Maybe I will get brave with a violet matelasse clutch for f/w?
  3. OMG! that is seriously lust worthy. PLease, please, please, I beg of you, post pics wearing it!!!! This bag is :heart: :love: :heart: perfectly TDF!
  4. Congratulations!! That bag is gorgeous!! So sweet of your BF to help out. I've never seen a VG matelasse before. Thanks for posting pics...:drool:
  5. Congrats on your new bag!
  6. That's a really pretty bag!!
  7. so pretty! love VG and LOVE matelasse. Together, you can't lose!
  8. Beautiful combination of color and style!!!
  9. Thanks so much girls!! You are all so sweet!!:heart::heart:
    Shasta I never model on tpf (too shy:shame:smile: but was touched by your pleas for some pics!! So here are a couple! Excuse my PJs I made my BF get up out of bed to take these for me, so I didn't have time to get dressed! (He thinks I'm more in love with VG than him tonight!!)
    VertGazonmodel1.jpg VertGazonmodel2.jpg
  10. What a gorgeous color! And the quilting is TDF! Congrats, and what a lucky duck you are to have such a bf!

  11. That bag is fabulous!! Congrats on a striking color!
  12. You look FANTASTIC! I love this so much! You are the absolute best for showing us these pics. LOVE IT!!!
  13. WOW! Ths bag is AMAZING! The color in this style is TDF! Great pick!:yahoo:
  14. wow! The matelasse is TDF in Vert Gazon! Never imagined it could look that great in bright colors!!!
  15. LOVE it!:love: It looks fabulous on you!:heart: Congrats, HandbagAddict4ever!:yahoo: