Who needs a handbag cookie jar!? CUTE!

  1. Oh my God Swanky. I love Horchow's too. And I just got my sister one of these for Christmas. They are too adorable.
  2. oh my they are adorable!!! thinking of getting one LOL!
  3. Those are too cute! Those cookie jars are even prettier than some of my bags. LOL....
  4. OMG!! I saw those and I want one so bad!! So cute!!
  5. It's only $25.00!!
  6. Love those pictures! What a great idea...I'm thinkin'....birthday gifts!
  7. OMG! The cake is gorgeous!!!
  8. very cute!
  9. sooo cute! someone once linked handbag s&p shakers, those were also super cute
  10. Now that's cute! and yummy looking!
  11. OMG I LOVE this! My husband would never let me do it though. It would be just like what he did with my Hello Kitty toaster *grumble* LOL
  12. The cake is BEAUTIFUL!
  13. OMG...I wish I could have seen these before Christmas...I could have asked for one!
  14. Those are cute but the cookie jar purses are on backorder ... did all the tPFers buy up their stock? LOL