Who need my extra new chain medium red flap in lambskin?

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  1. Read the forum rules!!!!

    NO Selling Here !
  2. BTW, this is me wearing my new chain, which I promised to post for you all to see. Isn't it pretty?:yahoo: I'm loving it!
  3. It's very thoughtful of you, but to be fair to those non-tpfs, shouldn't it go to the next person waiting on the list?
  4. oh, god, how much is this beauty
  5. sorry, didn't read the post carefully. Another q, what kinda of red is this?
  6. Oh boy :drool: :drool:

    Do they make this size in Jumbo?
  7. can someone help me find a traditional red chain flap? i don't even know where to start since my Saks denied there was one.
  8. Is that lambskin? Gorgeous!
  9. Beautiful bag. I am loving red these days.
  10. Someone stop me!! :p
  11. It is absolutely gorgeous on you!!!!
  12. What a pretty red! Someone please snatch this baby up!
  13. I think some of the sales associates for Chanel at Nordstrom Seattle are members here on this subforum. Just a warning so you don't go posting your name and get flagged as a reseller and possibly put yourself in a position that they will not offer hard to get bags to you in the future.:sad:
  14. I've called a few stores about this bag and no one has any info.:push:

    What is a good store to call with a knowlegeable SA? please PM me

    thanks :heart:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.