Who Need Hermes When You Have CHANEL !?!?!

  1. OK, so my DH and I were in San Francisco this weekend and walked by the Hermes store and my DH says "Don't you want to go in there?" I surprised myself and said "No, I don't have a desire for Hermes anymore ... I Have CHANEL" :yahoo: besides the fact the SA are almost always rude at Hermes and I have DJO :love: at Saks - LOL!!!

    I realized that I bought the Chanel Kelly and the Cerf Tote - which reminds me of the Birkin - but I love the style of the Cerf so much more and the Lambskin on my Kelly is TDF!!!

    So, who needs Hermes? Not me!! :p

  2. i know, i've only set foot in the hermes store once in toronto, and seriously would never ever go back again, the SA's are just so rude.
  3. I'm too scared to go into Hermes! HAHAH! :nuts: :nuts:
  4. That cerf tote is so classic and beautiful, I would tie an Hermes twilly on it lol.
  5. Both of your bags are so beautiful and elegant! Congratulations!
  6. I adore both. But, I find them to be apples and oranges. I guess it just depends, I've had SA's at the Chanel Boutique here to be, well, distracted. Never had anyone be anything but lovely in Hermes.
  7. P.S. Love the picture of the puppy. Both your bags are great, by the way.

  8. Thank You!!!

    They really did satisfy my "need" for Hermes and I spent much less $$$ too!!! :nuts:
  9. I'm not intimidated by Hermes, but their styles are not me at all, enjoy your Chanel!

  10. Thanks! :flowers:
    and that is William my fat little French Bulldog :love:
  11. I agree. Sorry, but any store that requires you to put on GLOVES to touch a purse is ridiculous. I've fondled half a million dollar jewels at Cartier without that kind of pretentious overture.
  12. This is too funny, I was up in SF last week and I walked past the same Hermes store and had zero desire to go in. Go figure.
  13. I agree! I don't really like Hermes' style... Seemed boring not like Chanel... Classy but Sassy!
  14. i :heart: both your chanel purchases...enjoy them!
  15. Honestly, I just do not think I would like the flap/buckle thing on Hermes .... I love the open top of my Cerf for an everyday bag and my Kelly is super easy to get into even with the flap :yes: