Who moderates the bag showcase forum?

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  1. Hey, sorry to post this here but I wasn't sure who to ask about it.

    I tried to post a thread to the bag showcase subforum to put my collection in, but I got an error when trying to put an attachment in so I posted it without pictures thinking that I could go back and add them after. I didn't know that the threads are moderated though, so now I'm wondering if my thread without pictures is even going to be approved.

    I wrote Vlad a PM, but really I have no idea who the right person to ask is.
  2. ^^ I think u should post it in the Feedback Dropbox forum
  3. A few of us moderate it, I try and check in there at least once/day to approve.
    I'll have a look. . . .
  4. no pics were attached.
    I deleted it, go ahead and resubmit and I'll check again shortly.
  5. Vlad and Swanky check it out the most I believe. Looks like Swanky is helping you!
  6. Thanks everybody! I think the reason attachments give me an error is because they're too large, so I'm uploading them to an external site to manage them. But I'm still going to post them on TPF! :tup:
  7. Perfect!! Yes if they are too big, they can not be attached :yes: