Who Matches/Coordinates Their wallets and bags?

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  1. Once upon a time, i matched my wallets with my bags--especially my LV bags. However, I quit doing that because one, I was afraid of setting my $$$ wallet down and leaving somewhere. Two, it was a hassle to keep switching wallets. I ended up leaving cards, etc. that I needed. Nothing worse than going into the wallet for one item, only to realize it was in another. I love to see sets; however, it just doesn't work for me. My life is a lot different now and i usually stick to a black wallet and switch it from bag to bag.

    Was just wondering.....

    One wallet? Or one in every color, material, etc.?
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  2. I have a black Ralph Lauren wallet I use every day. I switch my bags out too often to change wallets, I would also forget cards or money.
    Once I got pulled over and my license was in my other wallet...
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  3. If you do a search there are many threads already on this
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  4. I
    Thanks. I think I just searched incorrectly . Sometimes even if a thread is old, trends and tastes change. So, sometimes a thread written in 2008 isn't helpful.
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  5. Ya I get it. I don’t match. I think slgs are a good place to add color or a cool design or whatever you like.
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  6. I never match...I use my LV Clemence wallet daily. I don't have time to change them out..
  7. I used to match. Buy a wallet for every bag and now it’s a waste of time and money. I used the same wallet for a year and then rotate or buy a new one. I’m not brand loyal so I do like having a wallet for each brand that I have.
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  8. The latter!:tup:
    Exception: chanel=dislike their wallets.
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