Who makes zip around accordian wallets?

  1. I first saw a Coach one and I thought that the style would solve my wallet mess problem. Who else makes this style?

  2. versace, 64 bucks at outlet
  3. LV makes this wallet in the zippy organizer larger version or the zippy wallet smaller version.
  4. Dooney and Bourke. Actually it was an awesome wallet and indestructable. And I believe they come in some different styles than the IT line.

    OOOPS...I just checked and they only make the zip around in IT prints. If you don't mind something cutesy, it is a spectacular wallet.
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  5. My Mom has a Coach and an LV in this style and she loves it.
  6. I've got that Coach wallet in brown, and a very similar Dooney one (the inside is almost identical). The Dooney wallet is their signature line in mushroom canvas. Here's a pic from the Nordstrom site:
  7. Thanks! I'll have to check all those out. FYI, when I did a search I also found one by Ellington Leather which was under $75 I think. I thought I searched Nordstrom, is that DB one not with the other wallets?
  8. Here's a direct link to the Dooney accessories section on the Nordstrom site. The wallet should be the first thing you see in the display list.

    Dooney accessories on Nordstrom.com

    I think part of the confusion is that they call it a checkbook wallet when it is really just a zip-around wallet. You could probably shove a checkbook in there, though, if you really wanted one in it.
  9. Thanks for the link! I didn't see that one earlier. I see there's a Juicy one too.