Who makes your favorite cosmetic case & why?

  1. I'm looking for a new makeup/cosmetic case for my purse. Not too big, not too small, any suggestions? :smile:
  2. Coach makes a great cosmetic bag. It is a great purse size and they are cute too. I don't have one yet, but have always wanted one.
  3. I like the plain Prada nylon make-up cases. They hold up really well, wash really well, and are mushy enough that they can fit into small bags as well as large bags depending on the amount of stuff that you have in them.
  4. For me, Victoria's Secret. 'Cause it's long enough to hold all the tools I carry!
  5. I use my free Lancome gift with purchase!!!
  6. Normally I put my makeup in one of the pockets, but I love the ones by Tous and Walker. They're SUPER lightweight.
  7. I have a LesportSac makeup bag. I've also used one from Sephora. I like nylon because they are easy to clean, cheap, and very lightweight. I also tend to throw them around a lot while I change my bags. I love the prints from LesportSac for a cosmetic bag only...not for a handbag, however I do own a computer case from them too...
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    I love my bobbi brown case I think it the perfect size and its really durable so I can throw it around its easy to clean too. I like that since its black it never clashes with any bags I switch too.
  9. I love my Coach cosmetic case....it's the perfect size.
  10. I have one from Le SportSac. It's very lightweight and has two compartments. I put my lipstick, lipbrush and liner in front compartment as I use them most frequently. Other miscellaneous items like eyedrops, blush, qtips and even non-makeup items that clutter my purse (e.g., mini sewing kit) go in larger compartment. It holds a lot w/o taking up a lot of space in my bag.
  11. I have a silver/light grey Prada cosmetic case and it's nice size to hold a bit of makeup, breath mints, small bottle of aspirin, etc. It's made of a silky fabric, which isn't practical, but I love it nonetheless.
  12. I use an LV mini pochette. I love the size, about 6x4". It can clip to the inside of my bag and has nice hardware- metal, not a plastic zipper- and it can double as a clutch.
  13. I have a black nylon one from MAC with a great silver zipper - it was $20 and I still use it 3 years later. I throw it into the washing machine periodically. It's the best cosmetic bag for a purse in my estimation. It also holds a lot but isn't big and is "squishy" so it fits into any bag.
  14. dungareedolly.com

    they make the cutest custom handmade cosmetic bags; you get to choose the exterior print, the interior lining, and the size. The price is affordable enough where I bought several of them. Im not the kind of gal who could use a Prada makeup bag! I would be too afraid to use it at all!
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  15. Clinique. Why? They're cute, and they're free during bonus time!