Who makes this totebag?

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  1. So i saw this tote but don't know who makes it...

    any ideas?

    Here's a partial pic:


    the writing in french is :"On ne récolte que ce qu'on a semé."

  2. One collects only what one sowed?

    I dunno...Anything else in the inside? Or at the sides?
  3. I need more to go on
  4. Me too!! Any more info?!
  5. thanks for the replies!!

    ok i vaguely remember what looked like a label tag.. Maybe the letter "R" ?? it looked like it was made of canvas.. that's all. medium sized tote.

    excuse my paint skills ;)
  6. ^^^ :lol: that is adorable!

  7. lol u did i better job than i would of been able to do.

    But if i see something like this i will let u know
  8. ok thanks! darn, i should have ran after that person and asked them. I saw 3 ppl who had it randomly. pooh..
  9. I suppose that 'R' stands for Replay. It is an Italian sportswear & denim brand. If you take a look at the tag on their jeans, the 'R' is the same

  10. I'm impressed with your sleuthing!
  11. Well I googled for it as soon as the post came up, but I found nothing.

    Then today I thought to search ebay listing descriptions for the French phrase in the Apparel category. If I hadn't found it I would have advised her to set up a "Favorite Searches" for the term, then if something popped up they would email her.
  12. Makes sense but you still get brownie points for the effort!
  13. Awesome searching girls! You too Chemlex!!

    A friend of mine said she saw that bag at Urban Outfitters a little while ago, but it is definetly not on their site now. Hope we have been of some help, and again, good find Chemlex!
  14. just when i thought i'd give up....
    you guys are unbelievably AWESOME!

    thanks sooo incredibly much! you guys ROCK!!