Who makes this bag?

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  1. Can anyone ID this bag?
  2. looks kinda like some of the s/s 06 gucci bags from the side but i'd have to see a front pic to really tell :-/
  3. could it be a prada`???
  4. I'm thinking prada. I can kind of see the 3 studs of the triangle on the side of the bag.
  5. Go to www.jessicastyle.com, the bags section. I know I've seen this one in there - just can't remember what it is off the top of my head.
  6. I agree, I see them on the bottom portion of the bag.
  7. ahh yes, i see now. and the shoes are definately prada, i don't know why i didn't make the connection before.
  8. Yup. You girls are good!! Jessicastyle ID- Prada!!!