Who makes this bag?

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  1. It's D&G
    Here it is in the SS08 campaign
  2. good eye irina :smile:
  3. She is crazy looking!
  4. I like the bag. Boy I wouldn't want to be famous and have a photographer behind every bush. Eh gads...
  5. I think the bag is available in different sizes...
    Regina :smile:
  6. Wish I had Mark Ronson as an accessory :drool: (oh the bags great to) !!! Going to his concert Saturday can't wait.
  7. anyone know the name of the bag and price? : )
  8. hehe... thanks!
    i think i look at way too many fashion mags :shame:
  9. I couldn't find it anywhere... sorry,not too much help here.
    But keep in mind it will be VERY heavy.